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ColdWar Dr. Thompson's Coldwar Extended Release Tablets

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Avoid a cold with Dr. Thompson's Coldwar - It really works!


I purchased Dr. Thompson's Coldwar Tablets last fall when they were on sale and free after a rebate at Rite Aid. I had never heard of this product, but I am a sucker for freebies so it was in our medicine box in the closet. My husband first tried these when he felt that he was coming down with something. He immediately felt better within 24 hours and never got sick. A few weeks ago my daughter came down with the flu. As soon as I began feeling sick, I immediately started taking the Coldwar Tablets with the occassional Advil for a minor headache. Amazingly, I avoided the flu! The tablets are somewhat large, but if you have taken herbal supplements before then the size will seem average. They do have an odd smell, but regardless, they work! They are a bit expensive, so I hope I can find coupons for these tablets in the future. I would highly recommend these to anyone prone to winter colds or those being exposed to others who are sick.

Johnson City, TN


ColdWar Dr. Thompson's Coldwar Extended Release Tablets

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