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Brillo Plus the Power of OxiClean Grease Fighter

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Great For Stainless Steel!


I've used the original Brillo pads for years and wondered if I really needed to buy the ones with OxiClean. I figured they couldn't be THAT different but, to my great surprise, they really are! The original Brillo pads are serious little steel wool scrubbers with a potent soap built right in. The OxiClean component in this variety adds an extra layer of effectiveness to an already excellent product. These power through any sort of baked on mess. I recently put them to the ultimate test when cleaning a stainless steel pan that I had fried bacon in. It cut right through the grease, and the steel wool got all those nasty little burned bits off the bottom of the pan. If it can clean up a pan that bacon was fried in it can clean up anything. It is worth it to mention that these are strictly for stainless steel or aluminum. They are not intended for, nor should ever be used on nonstick or ceramic cookware. These are a must in my kitchen and I always have a box of them under my kitchen sink. I definitely highly recommend them!

Vernon Rockville, CT


Brillo Plus Oxyclean Grease Fighter works well


Brillo with Oxyclean Grease Fighter is a key cleaning supply in our kichen. Brillo Plus Oxyclean Grease Fighter is a steel wool pad, useful in getting off dried, baked or fried on debris, with Oxyclean, also useful in cleaning. We use Brillo Plus Oxyclean Grease Fighter to clean cast iron pans, cast iron stove grates and metal pans without finishes. This is important because the steel wool could scratch or remove finishes on pans, particularly nonstick cooking pans. We also use Brillo Plus Oxyclean Grease Fighter on metal and resin patio furniture. We have also used Brillo Plus Oxyclean Grease Fighter on our barbecue grill. Brillo Plus Oxyclean Grease Fighter does well in these applications. It is easy to use, effective and the soap lasts a long time. I can recommend Brillo Plus Oxyclean Grease Fighter.

Skokie, IL


Brillo pads get things clean!!!!


My mother-in law swears by these Brillo pads, and I must admit- they scrub better than any other sponge I've tried. I love that these have the cleaner right in them, but I continue to use them even after the cleaner has run out. They make scrubbing pots and pans so much easier! I usually use these until they absolutely can not be used any longer. I typically don't purchase them because I prefer to only use eco-friendly products, but I am a sucker for these! Luckily my mother-in-law leaves a box or two at our house for us! I really do love these- they are simple to use, scrub tough food off of plates, dishes, pots and pans without scratching the surface. The cleaners seem to help shine everything up and power through grease. These Brillo pads are a luxury as they help keep things sparkly. I know I really miss them when we run out of them, and can't wait for Grandm to restock our cabinet. Brillo pads do the work so you don't have to!

Vista, CA


brillo plus pads


Brillo plus the power of oxiclean grease fighter pads is a strong steel wool pad that suds up great and cleans pots and pans great. Just a pieace of advice don't use them on any stainless steel pans or silverware because it will scratch them up and ruin them. They are not expensive to buy but they do run out fast and they ten to rust after the first use and after sitting for awhile. Another thing is never use them on your stoves. They work wonders in cleaning your barbeque grill or your toliets. Even when you use them in your toliets you need to be careful not to scrub that hard or it will leave scratch marks.  Another thing about brillo pads is when the steel wool has run out of the soap and oxiclean powder and starts to get small then you need to throw them away because if you continue trying to use them them you will get steel wool splenters and let me tell you that they hurt more then a wood splinter. I wouldn't recommend using them.

San Bernardino, CA


Just like mother used


Brillo Plus the Power of OxiClean Grease Fighter: Brillo Plus the Power of OxiClean Grease Fighter is another rare find in today's world. It is a product that we all grew up with and it is still going strong today unlike many if not all of of other mother little helpers from the past. It has only changed a little from the old brillo or sos pads of old. Yes, they have added different colors and scents but you can't change steel wool in too many ways can you. For those of us with real pots made with real metal nothing works as well as steel wool on getting rid of the grime and left over food. Sorry non stick pan lovers nothing works as well as metal pans cooking meals. And of course it is safer too. Brillo Plus the Power of OxiClean Grease Fighter the new version of an old product is a throwback and a reminder that not all new products are better all the time. Is this a perfect product, is it green, NO does it work better than any other product on the market today YES.  

Jersey City, NJ


Brillow No Rust Scrubbers ok for 1-time use, then they rust


My cooking skills are only average, and I find that my pots and pans get a lot of grease, grime, and stuck on food on them.  It's been very frustrating to try to find a product that removes everything completely without having to work too hard.  These Brillo No Rust Scrubbers did a pretty good job in scrubbing out grease and grime without a lot of manpower.  My main complaint about these is that they did rust.  I have a metal sink, and I was not able to set them on the sink without them rusting.  Storing them wet in drawers also caused them to rust and leave rust rings behind (which have been able to be easily removed, thankfully). I would recommend these for use as a one-time scrubbers, particularly if you have a full load of pots and pans to scrub.  For smaller jobs, like I often have, I find that the cost is too high for these to be one-time-use items.  However, I have not found another brand that solves this issue.

Charlotte, NC


Brillo Plus the Power of OxiClean Grease Fighter

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