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Body Shop Scalp Care  Ginger Shampoo

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Effective with a Pleasant Scent


Despite my love of all food scented bath and body products I was still a bit hesitant to try The Body Shop's Scalp Care Ginger Shampoo. I was worried I'd end up walking around smelling like I'd had an unfortunate run in with a ginger root. Thankfully I was wrong. This is a bit on the pricier side for a shampoo but you don't need much so it's not prohibitively expensive for everyday use. If you can get it while it is on sale it's even better. The ginger scent is quite pleasant. It leaves my hair smelling clean and slightly like ginger ale but not it is not overwhelming and does not smell super strong like straight ginger root. This leaves my scalp feeling very clean and my hair soft and clean but not dry. I tend to use this more in the summer time when I need a more intensive clean because my scalp is sweaty and my hair tends to get greasy from touching my skin. I find it leaves my hair soft enough that I don't need to use a conditioner which is wonderful in the summertime when a conditioner has the potential to weigh down the hair.

Vernon Rockville, CT




This ginger shampoo really helped with dry itchy scalp - after just a couple uses I noticed improvement! It doesn't make my hair feel heavy and greasy. With a lot of natural shampoos I noticed my hair gets very greasy and oily, but this shampoo does not do that. I will admit I was skeptical at first, but they were having a great sale and I had rewards so I thought I'd give it a try - and I am glad I did! I just wish they made a ginger conditioner to go with the shampoo. This is a great everyday shampoo. The company operates on wonderful ethical standards, which is something that is important to me - they do no animal testing and support fair trade. The Body Shop also donates to various organizations that make our world a better place. Effectiveness Very effective - within a couple uses I noticed big improvements. My hair definitely feels a lot healthier and shiny - I've been using the shampoo every day now for about 1 week. Scent Nice ginger scent - not overpowering



Amazingly Powerful Shampoo


If you have trouble with dry hair or hair that just falls flat then you need The Body Shope's Scalp Care Ginger Shampoo. This stuff works wonders. It's adds shine, body and just improves the look of your hair. It makes your hair health and greatly improves hair strength!

Rockwall, TX


Body Shop Scalp Care Ginger Shampoo

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