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Back to Basics
Back to Basics Blender Express Plus 11-Piece Mixing System


This 11-Piece set is quick to assemble, easy to clean and convenient to store. It grinds, blends, whips, and chops.

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Good To Go


This is a great little blender. It is very powerful and can chop anything you want.It is also called a fitness blender.You can make all kinds of drinks,smoothies,low calorie drinks,whatever you prefer.I like the convience of fixing and carrying out the door with you in the same mug you prepared it in. Just flip over,remove the bottom cap and put on your lid and its ready to go. I have had mine for about 2years now.Since then,they have bright new colors. Extra mugs are available.I use my blender for fruit drinks mostly.You have a line to indicate frozen food and liquid. It could not be more simple. It is good to mix fiber drinks in it too.It is quick and easy.It chops up ice like magic.This smart and small personal blender is all you need for a small family.Everyone can get a mug of their own.The blender also comes with some recipes to get you started.Once you see how well it works,you'll find plenty of recipes out there on the web for free by doing a search like I did. It is just the tool you need especially if you are watching your weight and are health concious.It is a 5 star product.

Cincinnati, OH


Can't live without this blender


The Back to Basics Express Blender Plus is the best single use blender I have ever owned.  It is very durable and has been used almost daily for a year and a half!  I was skeptical that it would last very long, but it has proven to be a dependable part of the family.  I use it to make iced coffee before (and sometimes after) work and it is used for smoothies a lot.  It makes great milkshakes too. The Back to Basics Express Blender Plus comes with two blend and go travel cups.  Just unscrew the blender blades and attach a travel mug top or ring cover and you are ready to drink.  The travel lid closes tightly and even when I accidentally tipped it over, it didn't leak at all. This blender also comes with a second set of grinder blades.  I haven't used these blades as much, but when I did they worked great with my spices. I wash all of the pieces on the top rack of the dishwasher and haven't had any problems with melting cups or seals not working.

North Palm Beach, FL


Great Compct Blender


I have had this blender for years and have recommended so highly to my friends and family that most of them have it too. It is so simple to use and the system is made endlessly convenient with the extra pieces like the extra cup and smaller vessels. It works perfectly as a blender leaving no clumps or ice chucks at all and is acceptable as far as noise goes. If you switch the cup out for a smaller vessel it functions as a small sized food processor very well too. It takes up little space and would be perfect for a small apartment or maybe even an RV. It is perfect for shakes in the morning as the vessel for the food is shaped like a cup complete with a handle. It makes it simple to throw a healthy shake together and run out the door so you don't miss the most important meal of the day. It is a relative inexpensive purchase and I have gotten far more than my money's worth out of it. I'm sure you will too.

San Diego, CA


So easy and in a little package


I have had this machine for a couple of years.  It has been a great machine for making a variety of smoothies.  I enjoy making my own recipes.  I would recommend this product.  It has never failed me and it works great 2 years later.  

Springfield, OH


Back to Basics Blender Express Plus 11-Piece Mixing System

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