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Avon PERSONAL MATCH Smooth Mineral Makeup

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I loved this product so much I started selling it. Seems to be great hit you can now order online and have items delivered to your door. Would like to do business with you. Have a wonderful day. Avon is making women beautiful everyday!

Modesto, California


Awesome Avon foundation


My mom, who rarely wears make up, purchased this for herself and did not really use it and decided to give it to me. At the time, I was using Bare escentuals mineral make up, and wanted to finish that before I started using the avon. The first time I tried it, I loved it. It worked better than the Bare Minerals did, and was much cheaper than the Bare Minerals. I did not exactly match my skin color, however, since my mom was the one that purchased it, I believe that next time if I purchase a slightly darker shade, it will be perfect! For now, I am just using a tiny bit of bronzer all over my face to make it match. I have bad acne at times and this stuff just covers it right up. I could not be more pleased especially for the low price that it was. I would highly reccomend it to all of my friends and family. The only down side to this is that since you order it from the avon catolog, you may not be able to completely match your skin tone. Everything else about the foundation is great. It also lasts all day, which is what I need since I do not have time to reapply it in school.

West Mifflin, PA


Would not buy this item


Yes Avon used to have good products, things that actually were made in the U.S.A but what happened? I bought this is an attempt to save money on bare minerals. It was a huge waste of money, it does work per say but not nearly as good. The texture is not the same and it just doesnt do as good of a job, and its made with things that you wouldnt even want on your face. The one thing that put this product of my list is it was made in china. Ok, if china is messing up on baby toys and dog food, what are they putting in the make up? At this point in time I would prefer to buy things from America. Avon you are an America company support American workers and make America products. I have no problem with helping other countries. But right now America needs the help, so why not give a hand? For now I will stick to bare essentuals, who does make things here. Sorry if anyone finds this, offensive, it was purely unintentinal.

Glendale, AZ


hard to find a match


i have purchased this time and time again, when i think about how nice it sounds. but i have yet to have a good experience with this or any mineral based makeup for that matter. honestly, the shades bug me. i have fair skin and the only foundation i have found that matches at all, has been cover girl clean make up. this make up has a strange orange tint, and believe it or not, feels a bit to thick. im used to cover girl liquid, and i can add water to a make up sponge to apply that. i am not a fan of wearing thick caked on make up, and when i tried the avon mineral make up, i first of all, can not add water, and secondly, it feels to heavy on my face. which is one of the things i thought mineral make up was not supposed to have! i wasnt happy at all with this make up, and i was very happy to be able to exchange it for something else. i do not get who exactly avon personally matches, but im guessing it definately is not me.

Tower City, PA


I hate this makeup


I am not sure if this is the same minerals foundation as I tried a year or so ago. But if it is, I couldn't stand it. It went on like a mask. Heavy, dark, and clown like. I couldn't get it to blend, and I didn't have time to wash it off. I ended up going to work and had at least 3 of my coworkers ask "what's wrong with your face?" It was terribly embarassing and I ended up returning it. Well not returning it, they gave me a refund, thanks to their great refund policy. I don't remember one good thing about this product. I complained about it on the Avon site as well. I even remember having a hard time washing it off. It was long lasting that's for sure, you would think it was waterproof, I had to wash my face three times and follow up with astringent. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone. Like I said before I am not sure if this is the same product but hopefully they redid it since then. All I know is I would not take my chances and purchase it again, even though I'd be guaranteed a refund!

Bellevue, NE


Avon Personal Match Smooth Mineral Makeup is amazing!


Avon Personal Match Smooth Mineral Makeup is amazing!  This makeup is so cool!  I love how easy it is to apply on my face.  It is so nice to be able to just grab the container and the poof and apply away.  I don't have to worry about liquid foundation at all.  I also use the other Mineral makeups that Avon has to offer.  My skin usually breaks out really bad from wearing makeup on a daily basis.  But, with the Avon Mineral Makeup I don't have to worry about breakouts.  It's made from all minerals and nothing extra so it doesn't irritate my skin at all.  It blends so well on my skin and is very light.  I don't ever feel like I have heavy liquid foundation on at all.  The Avon Mineral makeup is very easy to remove as well.  It just wipes off with a warm washcloth.  I don't have to irritate my skin by scrubbing it to make sure all of my makeup gets off.  I highly recommend Avon Personal Match Smooth Mineral Makeup. 

Mesquite, TX


Works just as well as expensive brands


I have pretty sensitive skin, so when mineral makeup started to become popular, I decided to give it a try and went with some more expensive brands. I saw a definite improvement in my skin (no more blemishes, better coverage, etc.) and was thrilled beyond belief. Even though it was a little more expensive, it was totally worth the price.  Well, my mother began selling Avon and she switched to Avon's mineral makeup and loved it. She kept telling me I needed to try, I gave it a shot, and I switched! The coverage is practically the same. There may be teeny, tiny, difference in the way it covers, but it is not enough for me to truly be concerned with.  The other plus to this is that the price is SOOOO much better than other brands.  I can get my make-up for half the price I was getting it before. This makes a huge difference for me (especially as a new mother!). Overall, I would definitely recommend this to a friend. While some may be able to see a slight difference in coverage, it is not enough for me to switch back to a more expensive brand. 

Franklinton, NC


Great for the Face


I recieved this as a gift for Christmas one year and I love it. It natually blends into your face and it does not look fake,it looks good. It feels very smooth and does not feel at all heavy or caked on. It's a small container so it's not bulky or big and is easy to store or travel with. They have a wide range of choices to choose from to match your face. I just love the feel of it. It does not come with anything to put it on with,so you do have buy some makeup brushes or pads to use the powders. It does get lose and when you open it flys out of it and goes everywhere if you are not careful. Other then those only two drawbacks I really do love these face powders. It has kind of a creamy feel to it and it's soft. I will use it again because i really think it is a very good foundation product for the face! It's about the average price of the other products on the market. I would recommend this to a friend.

High Point, NC


Avon Personal Match Mineral Makeup gives great coverage!


It is gives great coverage but I felt something was on my face. It was make me itch a little and came off with the wipe of a cloth. I am always afraid that it will transfer but it does not. I am a natural girl but sometimes need a little help with red splotches. This did the trick!

Stamford, CT


Avon Mineral Makeup has outdone itself this time~~


Avon has went beyond their 'norm'!!  Don't spend 65.00 on other mineral makeup.  Avons' new mineral make up is practically the same if not better than the other 'essentials' out there, at a fraction of the price.  Simply amazing...Avons guarantee....if you don't like it, bring it back, no questions asked.

Lebanon, OR


Avon PERSONAL MATCH Smooth Mineral Makeup

4.0 65