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Ava Anderson
Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Moisturizer

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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Moisturizer Loves Your Skin!


Two years ago, I was looking for a natural and non-toxic version of my basic skin care needs...lo and behold a friend of my sister's had posted on Facebook that she was a consultant for a non-toxic skin care company! I contacted her asap and here's what I found out: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic facial moisturizer is one of the flagship products of a dream of a then-15-year-old girl! Two years ago, Ava Anderson of Rhode Island read a report about all the toxins in teens' personal care products...and decided to do something about it! She, along with her parents Frohmann and Kim Anderson [of the Princess House home party fame], developed a company called "Ava Anderson Non-Toxic"...their commitment was to produce personal care products and makeup that ALL ranked "zero" on the toxic scale at cosmeticsdatabase.com! This fledgling company started with six skin care products in Fall of 2009. The Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Moisturizer was one of those items! This moisturizer contains the desert plant trehalose, which restores natural skin hydration. There are no parabens or toxins! Just the most delicious scent and super moisture! Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Moisturizer t works for ALL ages!!

Berlin, PA


Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Moisturizer

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