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Top Load Washers
Amana Top Load Washer NTW5100TQ

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This is the worst washing machine I've ever owned!


I had this washing machine about 14 months (just after the warranty ran out!) when it started having all kinds of trouble. It began by trouble with the fill of the tub. Sometimes it would fill and sometimes it wouldn't. Then it stopped working on the rinse cycle. To this day, I have to go back after the wash cycle and manually start the cycle over to rinse my clothes! Energy Efficiency It seems to be fairly energy efficient. Performance The washer does a great job at cleaning clothes. Ease of Use It was easy to use, before the trouble. Design The design is really simple and efficient. Mine has no temperature control because I didn't need one. The model is designed to control the temperature of the water so that it dissolves the detergent but doesn't waste hot water. Durability Because of the early trouble with the cycles, I will never buy another Amana. The rinse cycle has always given me trouble. I had a repairman look at it and he told me it would be cheaper to buy a new one...but not an Amana!



Nice little machine/gets the job done; kinda plain & simple


I want to be perfectly fair to Amana and share with everyone an honest, helpful quality review. In order to do so I'd like to mention that I unexpectedly had to replace a 13 year old washer that I loved on a weekday with little cash to spend. I had always heard good things about AMANA and a few of my friends & neighbors own them. After browsing all the appliances available the AMANA Top Load seemed like the best deal for my money, the right size for my laundry room. One of my concerns being thats its quite a simple machine with only two control knobs ( load size setting/ Clothing Setting). I've owned it almost a year and it's SATISFACTORY. It gets the job done but, with two teenagers and a grease monkey hubby I wish it a little more industrial. For a new couple, small family or elderly folks it would probably be the perfect washer. It's nice and works well, I just need something a little more durable with my busy messy family of four, not to mention two dogs. In my opinion this washer would be perfect for those PEOPLE JUST STARTING OUT!! I don't really have any complaints, it's just not durable enough for my family's active lifestyle. Energy Efficiency The Amana is actually pretty efficient, it runs the temps of the water a little cooler to save energy and its "Energy Star Rated"!!!!!!!!! My electric and propane have lowered since I got my new Amana washer :) Cleaning Time Maybe it's just me but, it seems to take a little longer but then, again I'm a busy body and kinda impatient. It might be perfect for someone calmer. Performance As long as I keep my loads on the lighter side it seems to do really well. I have two adults and two teenagers so clothes are bigger and heavier than say a family with only two or a family with smaller children who wear smaller clothing. Ease of Use VERY EASY TO USE!!!!!!! It's pretty simple, there are only two knobs. You can't really go wrong. Set your load size them pick what setting you want to wash in. (norm, casual, heavy duty, etc.) Design It's okay. I didn't notice until I got home and used it that it doesn't contain a fabric softener slot in the actual machine so you either have to catch the rinse cycle to add fab. softener or use dryer sheets. It may not matter to some but, I like my fabric softener :) Durability It seems durable so far as I've only had it a year. But, I'm careful and I never overload and I NEVER PUT IT ON LARGE LOAD. (To conserve water & energy)

Decatur, MI


Don't pass up the off brands, Amana does the job


The Amana top loading washing machine has anti-microbial component protection and 3 washing cycles. The tub is large enough for most of your laundry needs and standard sized frame let's you place the machine in your laundry area with ease. My father in law passed away in August of last year and he had passed on this washing machine to our family since we were in need of another washing machine. We received it in used condition and it's still washing our clothes as a new washer would. Our family hasn't had any issues with it's performance and the tub is large enough for all of our needs. This week has been hectic with a large amount of clothing and bedding being washed so that I could disinfect our home. We were able to wash heavy blankets, comforters, jeans, jackets, etc. in this washer and the clothes came clean and did not need another washing. The Amana washing machine has 3 wash cycles: *Normal *Gentle *Casual Perfect for our family of 4's needs and this washer was an inexpensive brand. My family is happy with this washing machine brand and we normally use brand names such as 'Kenmoore', 'Whirlpool', etc.

Pope, MS


Amana Top Load Washer NTW5100TQ

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