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Amana ASD 2624 (25.6 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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Great refrigerator, drawers inside are cheap


Overall I LOVE this refrigerator. However, the bottom drawers on the fridge side are so cheap and the plastic breaks easily, causing the drawers to not stay in their tracks. Whenever we now pull one out the whole drawer falls out. It gets very aggravating, especially with small children in the house. I can't really keep anything in the vegetable drawer because of it. Other than that we are very satisfied with the product. I love having the water dispenser on the outside with cubed and crushed ice and filtered water. Noise Level Don't really hear it unless it is completely silent in my house, which is almost never. Interior Organization The layout is great, I like how the bottom bin in the door flips out to make it easier to grab items. Also the milk storage keeps drinks very cold by having a hole that connects to a direct vent from the freezer. Temperature Control Have never had a problem with the temperature control other than little hands messing with it. Ease of Cleaning Everything wipes down very easily. The shelves are easy to remove for cleaning. Durability Other than the drawers breaking I have not had a problem with anything else not holding up. Design The freezer is a little narrow but does hold a lot. We buy a lot of frozen pizzas and the boxes barely fit in the freezer sideways. I usually have to put them standing up on end for them to fit easier.



Not much fridge for your buck!


I find myself frequently frustrated with my new fridge. When purchasing a side by side I was expecting plenty of space and dependable temperatures. Noise Level Besides when the ice tray is filling or dumping into the ice bin, you would never notice it is running. Interior Organization You would expect more room from a full size side by side. Unfortunately that is not the case with this refrigerator. I struggle daily to make everything fit and dread when the holidays roll around because I know that not everything is going to fit. The frozen side of the fridge is pretty roomy though and I can fit a full size turkey and pies to boot! Temperature Control My biggest gripe is that I am constantly having to adjust the temperature settings and typically have frozen food on the top shelf of the fridge and lukewarm food on the bottom shelves. Ease of Cleaning I do like how easy the shelves come clean. Design I would like to see a little more thought having gone into the design of this particular fridge. I should not have to be constantly rearranging my food and condiments to make everything fit.



So So


I love how much room there is and how nice it looks. Want I don't like is the ice maker went out not even into a full year of having it. It keeps over freezing then does nothing. So no ice for us. The part in the freezer that makes the ice keeps freezing over so that it can't make the ice. You hardly here any noise though very good quiet refrigerator. Easy to organize and clean. Great freezer space. I love the sleek black look. Very solid and durable.



Amana ASD 2624 (25.6 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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