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21st Century
21st Century Hot Spot Spray

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I love it!


My dog was chewing and licking her feet and paws excessively to where she was chewing the fur off. I noticed they were extremely red from allergies. Because of her constant licking and chewing one of her feet got really bad and eventually started to bleed. So I found this hot spot spray. I sprayed it on her feet and paws 3 times a day and they all healed within 1 week! Her feet and paws look normal again. I have to monitor her though because she still licks and I hate it when she does that but she's not chewing on herself anymore and she seems happier.



Hot Spot Spray really works for dogs with flea allergies


Last spring I had to travel at the last minute and a friend offered to keep my dog for the weekend.  She's kept my dog many times before so I immediately accepted her offer.  I'd forgotten that she now has a dog of her own.  Since it was early in the spring I hadn't given my dog her flea medication yet.  Needless to say when I got her home I noticed that she was scratching.   My dog is very allergic to fleas.  Anyone that has had fleas knows that no matter what you do it takes some time to get rid of them all.  In the meantime, my poor baby was suffering terribly.  I needed something to keep her comfortable until we could rid her and the house of the fleas.  The 21st Century Hot Spot Spray worked well.  At first I just sprayed directly on the infected areas and it would stop her scratching for a couple of hours.  Later I noticed that you could mix it with water and spray it all over  and massage it in after a bath.  That worked very well and kept her feeling better much longer, with only the occasional spray until the fleas were gone.

Richmond, VA


21st Century Hot Spot Spray

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