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Circular Saws
Ryobi P503 18 Volt  Cordless Circular Saw

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Ryobi 51/2 in. 18v battery circular saw for the tight spaces!.


Not long ago I was on a job well out of town and with only a few resources available. Our job was to build a small room addition off of a garage. It was nice weather and we did some work the first day getting up all four walls and the roof joists. On the second day we managed to get in a few windows and a couple of doors and started on the decking before it was time to turn in. The third day we were getting worried about the possibility of rain it looked really terrible out there.    We continued on and managed to complete the decking and started on the roofing, we wanted to keep in the dry. That night it rained and we lost our power, lightning struck a transformer . The next morning we were able to finish our job with my Ryobi 51/2 inch battery powered circular saw. I had two batteries fully charged when I left home and they lasted long enough to cut all the finish trim. We did not have to wait to finish our job thanks to Ryobi tools.

Ada, OK


Ryobi saw a cut above


This circular saw has a side mount battery which adds to the ease of using it. The battery lasts for quite a few cuts. The handle is rubberized which is very comfortable. There is a built in holder for an allen wrench which is needed to switch the 5 and a 1/2 inch blade. This is a very handy feature that can save you alot of time looking for the small allen wrench when you do need to switch the blade. There are also standard features such as adjustable blade depth and blade angle. Both the blade angle adjustment and blade depth adjustment have calibrations in degrees and inches. The blade guard is see through which is also a nice feature so you can see condition of the blade at all times. There is also easy to see inch calibrations on the flat metal plate so cutting straight same width pieces of wood are a breeze without a tape measure. Plus there is a sliding guard that tightens without a tool that also aids in cutting straight lines. Definitely a nice tool to have.

Thousand Oaks, CA


Ryobi P503 18 Volt Cordless Circular Saw

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