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Circular Saws
Craftsman 10870  7 1/4" Circular Saw with LaserTrac and LED Worklight

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Worst experience ever


I feel like giving this saw a negative rating if possible but to be fair when it worked it worked well so I thought that was worth a couple of stars.. Unfortunately, although I used it on rare occasions and for very minor projects, it quit working after about 6 months. Everyone needs to know that the Craftsman guarantee on tools does NOT apply to power tools. The warranty it did have did gave me no remedy; I took the circular saw back to the store where purchased and they supposedly sent it in for repair. When I got the saw back the first time I used it to cut a pine two by four and it quit again. I returned it to the store and a few weeks later was notified to pick it up again. I was tired of just going in circles so when the saw quit again, I asked them to just give me a different saw but all they no would do was give me a number call. When I called the number they told me I had to take it back for repair but by now the warranty had expired so they would go nothing.


Knob Noster, MO


You;ll Never Rgret This Purchase


My Dad's circular saw was a Craftsman, like many of his tools. I so remember the smell of the sawdust when he was cutting up wood for a project. And on a farm we had many. He had faith in the durability of Craftsman products and I have come to have the same faith. I own this saw and have used it, and loaned it out for many of my own jobs. It is durable, reliable and that laser site, well it is the handiest thing to keep you on a straight cut. I have used other saws, but none compare to this one. No other brand has the backing that Craftsman has for the home user.


Mesa, AZ


Works fine for the occasional home use


We have had a Craftsman circular saw (sans laser beam and LED worklight) for around five years. In that time, we have honestly only used our Craftsman circular saw a handful of times. But hey, when you need it, you need it. It is all about having the right tool for the right job. But this has often meant that our jigsaw or the table saw was used instead of the circular saw. Perhaps it would get more use if we were framing houses or doing more rough construction type work, but it's mostly home projects and woodworking. Nonetheless, it has worked well when we have used it; we have never had problems using the stock blade or any of the other features on the circular saw. If I was using it more frequently or for more different types of work, I would have probably gone with a different brand, but for the home hobbyist, it should get the job done. No big complaints, but no big praises either for the Craftsman circular saw.


Gulfport, MS


Craftsman 10870 7 1/4" Circular Saw with LaserTrac and LED Worklight

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