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Circular Saws
DeWalt DW369CSK Lightweight Circular Saw

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All around great saw.


This is a nicer saw package than described! BLADE CRADLE - The kit comes with a plastic blade cradle that will hold 4-5 blades. It includes a spring clip retainer to hold the blades securely in the cradle. This protect them from damaging the saw or bag when storing blades in the bag. 90° FINE TUNING There is an adjustable allen set screw that allows you to set the blade at exactly at 90° using a square. Although most c-saws have this feature, Dewalt doesn't mention it anywhere except the manual. This is the "stop" that returns the saw to exactly 90° after using the normal lever controlled bevel adjustment. This "fine tuning" should be done when you first get the saw and whenever you install a new blade.


Thorndale, PA


this dewalt saw is the best handeling saw i have ever used


 I purchased the Dewalt 369 lightweight saw about three months ago. I needed a  saw to build a deck on our new house. The saw that i had was not in the best of shape, so i decided to look for a new one. Other people told me about their saw and each of them said theirs was the best. Each had a different saw but several had the same brand DeWalt.  I figured if so many of my friends and family had the same brand there mite be something to it. I went to a local retailer of DeWalt and began to inspect the dewalt saws. I was looking for comfortable fit easy handeling lightewight and powerful. I found all of these features in the DeWalt 369. It is light weight about 2 puonds. the sleek hand grip fit perfectly in my hand making it comfortable and easy to use. The Dewalt 369 has the power that i needed as well it was able ti buzz through the treated lumber( used for decks ) like a knife through hot butter. I have only one recomendation for this product **YOU GOTTA GET IT......**


Burton, MI


The DW369 is a powerful lightweight saw that cuts smoothly


The DeWalt DW 369CSK circular saw is a powerful, lightweight saw that performs extremely well.  It gives, smooth, high quality cuts every time.  The saw has plenty of power and does not bog down even when cutting 2" thick oak boards.  It rips through plywood and MDF sheets with ease and handles dimensional lumber cuts with no problem.  The base plate is very strong and has survived a few drops to the concrete floor in my shop.  The bevel lever and depth adjustment lever are very easy to use and located out of the way.  Both of these levers operate smoothly and are easy to grab onto.  The saw handles are large and easy to grip, and the trigger action is smooth.  Ther line of sight for making cuts is unobstructed and the guide marks on the base plate are easy to see.  Blade changes are easy with the included wrench, though the wrench itself is stamped metal and not very durable.  The blade holder in the case is a nice feature.  The storage case is tough plastic and has room for several extra blades.  Overall this is a well made saw that performs well and is a good value.


Leavenworth, KS


DeWalt DW369CSK Lightweight Circular Saw

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