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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Circular Saw

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Great Circular Saw by Black & Decker.


This is a great inexpensive circular saw from Black and Decker. I have had many different saws and this is one that is perfect for around the house. I used this saw to make a deck in the back yard and it handled everything I threw at it with ease. The blade is kind of tricky replacing but other than that overall a great purchase I think.




black and decker saws last


Black and decker circular saws are made strong to last, they are very versitile tools.Every black and decker saw has pan adjustments.They are made to cut many angles in the feild and shop and on the job. These saws are are commonly seen for a reason,they take a beating and keep cutting tru to the line and right on the mark!


Monroe, GA


Black & Decker has great quality and lasting tools


Black & Decker is a great brand name among tools. Their selection is next to none and the price is right for the average homeowner. Their tools last and are durable no mater the abuse. Black & Decker tools can be purchased from every major home improvement outlet and department stores. Great tools to own and use.


Columbus, OH


black and decker circular saw is the best most accurate saw ever


Black and Decker circular saw is great. When i needed to cut something precisely and accuratly the circular saw was there for me. The blade cut into the wood as if it were making its first cut ever out of the box, even though this was about the hundred time. When i was busy trying to get the right cuts, the circular saw came in handy. It also is safe and reliable, of course wearing safely glasses. It works gret to undercut doors, whip out your table saw horse and you can undercut doors perfectly and evenly. When you do a hard wood floor you can split your wood perfectly. The circular saw is the perfect  tool mans tool. When ever a job is needed to get done, circular saw is number one. This light weight saw can do it all with the fantastic power behind it. Once someone picks up a Black and Decker circular saw, they wont be able to put it down. If they dont have wood to cut, they will find some, just so they can use it. I recomend this to everyone!


Dyersville, IA


Black & Decker Circular Saw

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