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Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Personal Webcam

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Great for webcam users who just enjoy the simpler mechanisms.


This is a good webcam for people who do not want to spend much and are looking for something that works well. It is a great price for what it really is and setting it up and installing was a breeze (perfect for any computer-challenged person) It comes with a built in microphone and has a good quality too (although quick movements may be blurred and good lighting may be required) There is digital zoom included and face tracking included which is great.The setup of this camera makes it only good for MSN Messenger users on a Windows PC (will not be so well with Mac users especially). At the top of the camera there is a button which automatically opens Messenger, which is great for access, but just may be too accessible..(sometimes it is accidentally pressed) Sound quality is great, but you may just need to speak up a bit louder for the webcam to get your voice at a regular tone.Visual effects however are pretty lame, but it doesn't pose as a big deal.The overall quality of the camera amazes me and it is great to chat with anyone you like on MSN.

Richmond Hill, NY


Terrible for a webcam; decent for a prize.


By my standards, which are pretty low, this webcam is pretty good. That said, it is not a good webcam for any OS other than Windows. I could not get it working in Ubuntu (Hardy), and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even be necessary for the average Mac user, because most of those come with webcams these days, better webcams than this one.This webcam was a prize from Live Search Club, so I can't really complain, I got it for playing a few games. However, this is hardly a webcam worthy of long term use, and the software installation can be annoying, especially when the software disc is crappy and will suddenly stop working for no apparent reason. (The software is easy to find on the internet, though.)My final verdict: not good.Quality of video: very bad.Quality of photo: very good.Syncronization issues: YES.Should you buy it: NO.Should you get it off LSC: only if you can't find a better prize.

Spring Hill, TN


perfect webcam for instant messengers


 My husband and I picked out this camera to use with our new HelloWorld account. We wanted something with a built-in microphone and we needed something that would attach to the top of a laptop screen. Installation was easy, just put in the CD and in a few minutes it asks you to plug in the camera. It works very well in low light and the microphone really impressed me, the sound quality has been excellent. Other features that sold us were the 3x digital zoom and 5.0 megapixel resolution for photos, but we haven't tried that out yet.

Skowhegan, ME


I love it. Just plug in and you are on your way.


I got the **Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Webcam** for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it!!!  It was easy to set up and it keeps me connected to my family up north.  It is also compatible with any of the IM software out there so you are not limited to Microsoft.

Saint Cloud, FL


Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Personal Webcam

3.5 4