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Logitech C210 Web Cam

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Smart little web cam


I bought this web cam for my technologically naive parents. I really liked the price and I know Logitech has a well-deserved good reputation. I actually had my ten-year-old set it up for them as a surprise. We only had a few minor technical difficulties (needed to reboot the computer in order to get the speakers and the web cam to work together). The quality of the "picture" is not super sharp, but for the money, I'm completely satisfied. The audio was perfect. My parents love it and cannot believe that they are now able to "talk" for free with their grandkids 5 states away, and actually SEE them as well. For the money, you can't go wrong with this web cam. I would highly recommend it for your basic Skype needs.


Woonsocket, RI


Logitech Webcam C210 with 1.3 MP Photos and Microphone


This Logitech Webcam C210 with 1.3 MP Photos and Microphone is a great camera made by a barnd I respect. I own different items made by logitech and I find them quality and durable products that are very well designed and this camera is not an exception. It's true this is not one of teh highest tech webcams out there but it is still a very solid perfomer for video conferencing purposes and compared to regular VGA web cams this gives sharper and crisper images. It is inexpensive and very easy to use and set up. For a cheap webcam this it has impresive features such as Automatic lighting adjustment, Automatic sound level adjustment and Face tracking. Product Features - High-quality video recording and video calling - Crisp 1.3 MP photos - Auto light correction adjusts brightness for best possible images - Built-in noise-cancelling mic for clear conversations - Works with Logitech VidTM HD, SkypeTM, Yahoo® Messenger, Microsoft LiveTM Messenger - Minimum system requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista - Hardware Platform: PC I recommend this product.


Toledo, OH


C210 Gets the job done


I bought this webcam for a relative using an older desktop running Windows XP. This said computer has a 1.6GHz processor, so it could not support 720p calling too well (believe me, we tried.) The C210, a 480p camera, provided the perfect balance between low processor requirement and appreciable video quality. I clipped it to the top of the monitor, and both the webcam and in-built microphone work pretty good at an approximate distance of three feet from user. This webcam is used mainly for Skype calls. Skype detected the webcam and mic right away. However, sometimes it take a few seconds to "warm up", i.e. for the green power light to turn on and the webcam to become functional. This would make sense whenever it hasn't been turned on for a while, but even during calls it does that. Not too big a problem though, as it never drops a call or restarts on its own during one. Being on the viewing end of these Skype calls, I see that the picture is pretty good, I can actually make out details and see color on the wall behind the user's chair.  My main complaint about this webcam are these flickering, white vertical lines that have recently started appearing mid-call. Both the caller and call receipient can see them. They don't come up right away, but when they do, they severely affect the video quality and stay for the entire time the webcam is turned on. Even moving the webcam sideways or swivelling it up and down about its clip doesn't work. This has been the most annoying problem with this webcam so far, but since it's a recent issue, I suspect it isn't a manufacturing/unit defect.


Fremont, CA


Logitech C210 Web Cam

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