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Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam (Gray)

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best webcam to buy


i think the the microsoft lifecam studio 1080p HD webcam is one of the best if not the best webcam why you might want to ask why because it is affordable, effective ,well designed and it delivers with accuracy . in my opinion this device outperforms everything we know about webcams . it does exactly what the designer intended for it to do . i think it's high tech at its maximum performance .i would recommend this device not only as a friend but as a consumer who concerns about the other consumers who's paying a high price and sometimes for a product which can not deliver what it promises to do.so i urge anybody who's in the process of buying a webcam to buy one.i have no doubt it will be the best investment you can make for an electronic product. and one more thing i want to add whether or not you're a savvy consumer don't just go out there and buy the first product you laid your eyes on spend some time to browse a few ,ask the employees in the department store you're shopping about the ratings and the reviews on the products you're buying and then use your better judgement to decide which ones better suit your needs.


Greensboro, NC


The Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p Webcam is great!


The Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p Webcam is the ideal webcam for buisness meetings, private video chatrooms, or any other form of video communication to which a webcam is used. The stylish and portability attracted my opinion because I travel for buiseness regularly, therefor, I need a small, portable webcam to communicate with my associates. The price and availability had convinced me to buy the webcam. The durability and overall process of installation leads the competition's brands. The webcam is greatly common and useful in our evergrowing world of technology. I would greatly influence anyone to purchase this item before any other webcam or camcorder. A very well produced and well thought out piece of technology. I have tried tens, maybe even twenty different webcams until I confirmed that this webcam was indeed the best. The overall product is outstanding and is definitely worth every penny.


Fairmont, WV


Microsoft 1080p Webcam is 5 STARS AMAZING!


This webcam is for the people who are sick and tired of dealing with horrible quality webcams. Trying to talk to a family member on your computer, but you can't even see them? This webcam is your solution. You can now chat with your loved one over the internet with your new webcam. I love this product because my brother is overseas fighting in the war, and we can actually see each other now. It is a great product, but only if you really need it. It is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. This webcam is super durable - i dropped it several times upon opening it up, but it still works perfectly! I definitely reccommend the this product! :D Also, this webcam is especially nice if you have a desktop computer. Most laptop screens will not hold up the weight of this webcam. Besides, most laptops already have webcams built into the screen, like on mac books there is the iSight webcam. Enjoy!


Hastings, MN


Lifecam 1080p webcam works greak


This webcam has ubelievable picture quality and works great with my dell computer. There are almost no noticable defects with the picture and have had no complaints from my skype or other webcam partners. It can be a little spendy for a webcam, but if your looking for quality then this is definitely the way to go. Both of my roomates alway ask to borrow it so that they can chat with their friends with the same quality. It works with both mac and pc which is very good for families. It has a sleek look and fits well on most screens and you can also place it on your desk or table if you dont want it attatched to your computer. The cord isnt the longest which is a problem for some if you dont plan on keeping on our screen. A wireless connection would be nice as that is what the future of electronics is. The grey is a great color, and overall I have recieve many compliments on the MIcrosoft Lifecam Sudio 1080 webcam.


El Paso, TX


microsft lifecam studio 1080p hd webcam connecting with others


This webcam offers the best in hd with its sleek stlyish design, overall character, make it so much easier to connect with Friedns, Loved ones, Co-workers. With its great overall resolution, compared to those at other fine stores, its like being right there, wide lenses help project everything you want others to see and enjoy. The slick microsoft lifecam studio 1080p hd not only stands behind its name but, also its wide view technology, but also its long lasting, quality made, durability scratch free lense and clear picture perfect moments to share for years to come. Definetly a great buy for it price compared to others out there!!!!!


Macon, NC


Microsoft LifeCam Studio 1080p HD Webcam (Gray)

4.8 5