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Logitech C600 Web Cam

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Quality webcam from logitech


I'm a supporter of quality logitech products, and I must say that the C600 has not let me down one bit. got mine at a great discount on TD thru SDnet, so I must say it was a great impulse buy haha. The 2 MP camera looks sharp and crisp, and auto zoom is kinda irritating but works perfectly if you just want to let the other person see your face, the tracking is fast and accurate -- I usualyl just do the zooming manually and then switch off the auto zoom. Have yet to fully test out the mic on this thing, because I have my own separate mic. Didn't really come with proper instructions on how to fit it onto any monitor, but I like how I didn't have to install the CD it came with. Windows 7 pretty much found the driver instantly. Using it with Skype and MSN on windows 7 64bit has been a breeze. Intend to try using the mic for gaming soon. one con is that its kinda big, so its def not for portability or laptops.


Urbana, IL


this webcam does it all at a low price except for autofocus


This cam is brain-dead easy to use. Just install the drivers and plug it in, and then go on gmail chat or skype or whatever you prefer to use, and you're in. You can independently mute your mic or close the webcam shade (literally, since it comes with a cover, or digitally, called the "privacy screen"). The cam can track your head movements and follow your face around, you.  You can morph your face into something else or otherwise fool around by pinning crowns or mustaches or whatever on your face via the included software. The mic quality is good--good enough that I've used it to play video games online before, and everyone said my mic sounded clear. The picture quality is okay, at up to 8mp stills (photos) and 2mp video, though it's just a small lens, so don't expect it to be super-sharp or anything. What this cam does surprisingly well is compensating for low light, something that Microsoft's cams still don't do that well. I have used it in pitch black before, with only the monitor illuminating my face, and the cam didn't skip a beat! The main downside is lack of autofocus, but as a practical matter this is not a problem, because you are very unlikely to move MUCH CLOSER or MUCH FARTHER away from where you were originally sitting, and even then, the webcam will do a decent job of trying to compensate for your movement.


Oakland, CA


Fantastic 720p quality.


I purchased this webcam two weeks ago online, and it has so far exceeded my expectations. It works much better than my previous Logitech web camers that I haveo nwed, and it really does look fantastic when uploaded to Youtube or other websites that accept that HQ content. I'd buy another in a heartbeat if I could get a good price, this works perfectly with Skype and other programs for video conferencing. It can work plug and play, or you can download the software which has many features. As for the effects, they're about the same as the other ones, they aren't anything new or different. As for the 8mp simulated photos, you'd better get yourself a digital camera. What I am rating is the webcam itself, usntead of the whole package. To put it short: I'd highly recommend it. Get it for your friends and family and you won't be disappointed. It works excellent for everything that you need to do, up to 720p for video. Cons: Frame rate if you're recording in 720p gets to around 15, instead of the listed 30.


Savannah, GA


Logitech C600 Web Cam

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