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Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF Webcam

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Pricey, but Decent


I have had this webcam for almost 3 years. It has lasted really well and it has great quality and the ability to move the view up and down, left and right is tremendous. It is a little pricey, but Skype quality is pretty good with little freezing.




Out standing Obit AF Webcam


Orbit AF webcam, is been great buy, it comes with loads of extras, face tracking, motion tracking, Avatars to change face and voice. auto rotates to follow a subject, manual tilt and vertical tilt, manual zoom in and out. Can do video recording or snap shop can be operated over the internet. It has feature to lower the cam or raise it about 12 inches, shows up in the dark so object can seen at night. Its' been a good purchase, money that was well spent.. I've bought others at half the price which measure up to this one. be better to save a little and get what you are paying for crisp clean pictures and tons of extras. Well worth the money spent.


Santaquin, UT


AMAZING webcam!


This is actually the first webcam I have owned (besides the ones built in to my laptops). I wanted to use it to Skype with my brother, sister-in-law, and baby nephew. My husband and I have a very large screen TV in the living room (with an ethernet connection) and we thought it would be great to video chat on the large screen. So, this auto focus webcam was PERFECT for us because we'd probably be moving around the living room, etc. alot while chatting. This is a fantastic webcam with a great set of software tools. The picture quality is fantastic. Also Skype allows you to do high-def video calls with this camera. Highly recommended with extremely high quality at an average price! This webcam can even be linked to a personal website for surveillance. The picture quality and sound quality (from the built in mic) are both pretty good but the killer feature is the pan-tilt-zoom and autofocus. The camera can be controlled remotely (there's software out there for that) so it's easy to take control and check out who's in the house and what's going on. Highly recommended.


Rome, NY


best in its class


overall, i have had no problems using this webcamera. the fps and shifting images are very smooth and did not cause problems when using an older laptop. camera angles were very easily adjusted with the logitech software and there are multiple options to change the image as well. 4.5/5 based on image quality, ease of use, overall look, and performance


Plainfield, IL


Decent camera, but a pain to adjust for chat


The Quickcam is a great camera in-and-of itself- picture quality is good and the face tracking software is a convenient and useful touch.  However, the problem is the setup of the frame.  The quickcam is essentially a giant sphere sitting on a flat base.  There's no way to attach it to a laptop and it doesn't hit eye level when set on a desk for use with a desktop.  I end up piling up books and binders to prop the stupid camera up or simply holding it in my hand- neither of which are convenient options.  Even the extender pole, which should bring the camera to eye level doesn't cut it and as an attachment, the pole connects to the base poorly and is unsteady. On top of all that, the thing is just frickin' bulky.  You can't slip it easily into a laptop case because of the awkward shape, so it is all-around bad for travel.


Pittsburgh, PA


Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF Webcam

4.2 5