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Logitech Portable Webcam

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Logitech C905 Solid Webcam with a Small Travel Issue


Logitech 2 MP HD Webcam C905 for Notebooks with Built-in MicrophoneThis is my third Logitech Webcam (over 8 years) and I've found Logitech in general to make very good quality products at a fair price (I have keyboards, mice and other odds and ends from them). I specifically purchased this product as a travel companion since I am on the road a lot with my laptop computer. I also wanted an upgrade for the video quality of my earlier Webcams. I've very pleased with this product on meeting those two needs.The advancement of video technology has made each generation of camera significantly better and this one is no exception. The video quality is significantly sharper and the handling of dark/light situations is noticeably better. The camera also provides both a clip and a stand for placement. Unfortunately I find the stand too lightweight to hold the camera since the stiff USB cord tends to force the placement of the camera. It also tends to tug and jostle my placement of the camera when using the built-in clip on my laptop.**Pros** - Megapixel resolution which provides reasonably high-clarity video - RightLight2 Technology which does a decent job of handling dim conditions - Reasonably small and easy to travel with (comes with a soft travel case) - Built-in microphone works well - Quick Setup **Cons** - The cord is too stiff and causes issues when using both the stand (which I find very hard to use) and the clip - Picture quality of photos is just OK -- not surprising for a Webcam **Conclusion**In general as a camera I think this is a decent buy. As a "travel" camera I think the USB cord stiffness needs to be addressed. It makes it difficult to position the camera without it getting pulled out of position by the cord. The quality of the build is very good and the video is more than adequate. Setup is easy. Given the niche this is meant to fill (those wanting a portable webcam or upgrade from build-in versions), this is a decent buy although since I am writing this in early 2011 (purchased in 2008) this model is a little long in the tooth.

Marion, IA


Spectacular webcam


I was very impressed with the quality of video on this webcam after just 1 use.  It was very easy to setup.  I have used it with many different video chat programs, and it was worked flawlessly with all of them. My brother in law had a cheaper webcam, and each time we skype'd, the video of him was quite blurry.  He upgraded to the C905, and just the changing of the webcam was amazing.  The picture was almost perfectly clear. I have used it to also take videos of my 9month old son, and it takes just as good of video as my Flip HD handheld camcorder. This camera was quite a bit cheaper than almost all the other brands of the same quality, with exception to the Microsoft Lifecam. Bottom line, this camera has great video quality, great microphone, is very easy to use, and is compatible with any chatting program I have tried, all for a good price.  I will suggest that it is in a computer that can handle it though.  I tried using it on an older laptop, and the picture quality was good, but not as good as on my desktop.

Oconomowoc, WI


Not crazy about this logitech webcam


I needed a webcam for work because of the fact that I work from home and often need to video chat with the higher ups so my husband purchaced the logitech webcam C905 for me a a gift. It was reletively inexpensive so I was happy with that, I also liked how small, compact and light wieght it was. The instructions were very easy to follow and set up was really very easy and fast. I works great, the picture is clear and bright and it so tiny that it doesn't distract or disturb me working normally.......The problems that I had with this webcam is that it slowed my laptop down to snails pace, the pages took forever to load and I would often lose connection all together. It got to the point were I had to uninstall it and the second that I did that my laptop regained the lost speed. We returned it soon after which is a shame because I own a few logitech products that I love and the webcam worked great it just slowed the PC down too much.

Latonia, KY


This awesomel camera does wonders for my ego!!


I Love my Logitech Portable Webcam C905!  Not knowing anything about webcams I blindly bought this webcam because it was on sale, it's original price was not the cheapest yet not the most expensive and because it was a brand that I had heard of. It clips onto the top or side of my laptop, so it is not in the way and taking up space on my little table.  It is easy to use and has great features.  I use it mostly for Skyping with with my family on the internet and am always getting compliments on how great the picture looks on the other end of the connection.  It adjusts well with different lighting.  I like the auto focus and tracking feature  because I often move around while chatting and forget the veiwing range.  It is easy to take and save pictures and videos.  I'm still playing with all of the special effects and settings that it offers.  It came with a little protective carrying case and is really easy to pack up and take anywhere.  I would recommend the Logitech Portable Webcam C905 to anyone looking for a high quality picture, lots of fun and at a reasonable price. There are gonna be 2 of these under the Christmas tree this year!! SSHHHH!!!

Waterford, WI


Logitech Portable Webcam

4.0 4