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Logitech Communicate Deluxe Network Webcam

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Very grainy picture quality.


Logitech's QuikCam Deluxe Web Cam does have a few positive attributes to it, however, I would not go as far as calling it "deluxe". I must admit, I like the motion detection feature, though. The good thing about this web cam is that it is easy to use and it fits securely to the top of your laptop. However, it's almost impossible to use with a desktop computer due to the fact that it is made to fit on the top of a laptop computer, so if you plan on using a web cam for more than one computer ever, this web cam is not for you. Another downside to the Logitech Quik Cam Deluxe is that the picture quality is very poor. No matter how much light you have on in the room, the picture or video will always be extremely grainy. This web cam may be easy to use for someone who is not technologically advanced, however, I still probably would not recommend it to them because I am sure there has got to be something better out there that has ease of use, but better picture quality.


Glendora, CA


Great little webcam!


I live several thousand miles away from my family - so when I discovered Skype and Google video chat, I knew I needed to invest in a web cam. I ended up purchasing 3 **Logitech Communicate Deluxe Network Webcams **several years ago before Christmas. I kept one for myself and gave the other two as gifts to my parents so we could webcam with each other. I found them on sale around Thanksgiving and we've been using them for 2 years now without any issues. I have heard great things about Logitech webcams and this one is a great one too. It's so easy to use, just plug it into a USB port and you're good to go. The webcam works well in low light and the cord is long enough to reach the USB port on my tower (which is on the ground) all the way up to the computer monitor. It rests on the top of my monitor and works great. The picture quality is great, even better than I expected since I knew I wasn't purchasing the top of the line web cam. ** **


Salem, OR


I love my Logitech Communicate Deluxe


I bought this webcam about 2 years ago and it has been going strong and doing well since day one.  I use it constantly with skype for the webcam and the built in microphone.  It is great for low light as it has what they call "rightlight 2 technology" which helps it brighten up the image even in dark situations.  The quality of the image is also great in my opinion.The microphone is great as well because I can be in another room completely and still hold a conversation and have them hear me fine.  I've also played with the included software to use the fun settings like the face overlays etc.  Fun but probably not somehting you'll use more than once.  Other than that I didn't find much use for the logitech software.  I do like how the camera has a little door that can be physically swung down to block the camera if you don't want anyone to be able to see you at any point.  I will say that I've had to completely stop the logitech software because of the rightlight 2 technology failing and making the picture completely black.  After resetting the software it was fine again and it's only happened twice so not a huge deal.  Other than that I would hightly recommend this camera!


Gilbert, AZ


Excellent for the price.


I was really impressed with the quality of video and photos tht the camera generates. The camera price range was really afordable and the built in microphone makes it great to use to keep in touch with family etc.


Indianapolis, IN


Logitech Communicate Deluxe Network Webcam

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