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Unreputable "job" website that makes false claims


Because you have to enter your credit card information to sign up for the free trial, I was hesitant to sign up.  But after considering the possible advantages of finding marketing jobs not elsewhere on the web, I thought it would be worth a shot.  I was disappointed to find the same jobs as on Moster and Hotjobs but became furious when after getting a reminder that my free trial was about to expire I had to call a 800 number and speak to someone before they would allow me to cancel.  Well I got the message on a Friday, and by the time I called in they were closed.  On Monday (Labor Day and the day my trial expired) they were also closed.  When I finally got someone on the phone the next day, they said they couldn't do anything about the $19.99 fee even though they made it difficult to cancel and were closed on Monday.  All the guy kept saying (even after talking to his manager twice) that they couldn't do anything about the charge since it was in the terms and conditions but they would ALLOW me to use their site for another month (a.k.a. how long I had paid for it).  Furious with their trickery and lack of any customer service I wrote an email to the Manager of Customer Service.  Of course no reply.  They were exactly the opposite of what they claimed to be - dedicated to helping people find jobs.

San Diego, CA


Good site but not free


I liked this site and the new concept of aggregating jobs at one place from all the employer sites and job boards is a good idea. I would have signed up but due to higher fees, i just tried it during free trial.

Pasadena, CA



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