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iRobot Roomba 510 Bagless Robotic Vacuum Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba-my housekeeper


I love my Roomba! Just with a push of a button my floors and carpets are being cleaned while I can do something else. Although the maintenance and emptying of the vacuum is frequent, I love being able to see how much dirt the vacuum has accumulated during its spin through the house. Wish it was easier to clean the debris from the brushes and filters. Also wish that a new design would prevent it from getting stuck under some chairs and cabinets. Company service and support are excellent. Have gifted the Roomba as a wedding present and will be gifting it to my children for Christmas gifts. Maneuverability Wish there were more settings for cleaning direction. Like the spot cleaning button. Would like that it wouldn't get stuck under some furniture. Wish it would be able to localize cleaning, i.e. complete cleaning the carpet prior to going to the hardwood floor, but have gotten use to its doing its own thing. Ease of Maintenance Like seeing the dirty that has accumulated in the machine after a pass through my house, but wish it were easier to clean the parts(brushes and filters). Versatility Like that it senses when it is near steps and does not tumble down at the edge of steps Design Accessories-filters and circular brushes could be more sturdy. Durability Computer components easily and/or automatically reset when a troubleshooting signal goes off.

Spokane, WA


super fun, we gave it a name.


I am torn on this review, I've gone through 3 roomba's over the last few years so I must like them, right? Well I do, but I feel like they only perform at a high level for 8 months. Now I might be to blame, being as I may not perform the proper maintenance, but I guess that's the problem, I don't want to perform maintenance on my Vacuum. The think is amazing, fun to watch, seems to have a personality actually. But it's an expensive luxury, Ease of Maintenance I really hate trying to clean this thing, it's difficult and messy Suction Performance very good right out of the box but performance quickly degrades.



iRobot Roomba 510 Bagless Robotic Vacuum Vacuum

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