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The First Years
The First Years Wave Stroller Frame - Elegance

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The best stroller ever


This stroller is easy to use, the seat is raised so that you don't have to lean over as far to reach the little one. It is light weight, easy to turn and adjust with one hand. Folds nicely to store in nearly any space. The materials are easy to clean and fabric is stain resistant. Baby sits comfortably with complete shade if desired. Basket under neath has plenty of room for diaper bag, toys, extra clothes for mom and baby. My puppy even sits in the basket when she gets too tired to walk. The stroller couldn't be easier to push, I can easily maneuver around corners and over bumps while only using one hand. Stroller isn't necessarily for jogging but is easy to handle while speed walking. It handles bumps with ease and the baby doesn't even notice because of the nearly perfect design. The only negative aspect is that the stroller is somewhat ridiculous in appearance. If you don't mind people stopping to stare, this stroller is probably for you.



It doesn't give to much info, but it tells that it's expensive.


I was searching for a stroller like this, because it has an important feature that I was looking for. This stroller turns around, if you are walking outside with your baby, and the sun is in your baby's face, you can turn it around towards you and against the sun. Even though at first it seems very hard to figure out how to use all the features that this stroller has, at the end when you have figure it out it is very easy to use. I like it because if my baby wants to sleep, the seat can turn into a bassinet and my baby can sleep comfortably. If my baby wants to sit up, I can fix it so he can sit; and just like any other stroller the wheels have a break, and the front wheels can make the stroller move around or straight. The only thing that I do not like is that the stroller folds to fit in your car but you have to remove the bassinet or seat in order to fold the stroller, because the bassinet does not fold. Another thing that I do not like is the color, which is black, but you can change the canopy with a different color. Design The design is very elegant. Safety The safety straps keep my baby safe from falling, and they are comfortable, even though you can add cushion to the straps to keep your baby more comfortable. Maneuverability Very easy to handle, and is light weight.



The First Years Wave Stroller Frame - Elegance

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