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TIGI Bed Head Hook Up 1/2" Mini Straightener

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Perfect For Touch-ups


I originally purchased the TIGI Bed Head Hook Up Mini for my teenage daughter to carry with her to school, she had been complaining that her hair would frizz after she had gym. Being a teenager she would often forget to carry it with her to school and that's when I decided to try it for myself. I am a beauty product fanatic, I'm constantly looking for new ways to change my look from coloring my hair to finding a new shade makeup. The first time I tried this cute mini flat iron I instantly fell in love with it. I straightened my hair that morning with a full size flat iron, then by late afternoon I could see where my ends were starting frizz a bit so I plugged this bad boy in and gave it a go. Focusing on my ends I was able to smooth my hair in place in just a few minutes. It especially works well for the front of my hair, my bangs are long but shorter than the rest of my hair. I also have some very short pieces close to my hairline, I can never get to them with my full size flat iron, but this one performed great smoothing that section of my hair out. If the only reason I used this flat iron everyday was to smooth out that section it is totally worth it because I usually cant do anything with it. The size is convenient, it fits well in my bag when I go out. I wish TIGI would come out with a cordless version, then it would be that much better for carrying out or traveling. This flat iron has only one setting, which is very hot! If left on the whole flat iron will get extremely hot, I learned my lesson quick after leaving on for awhile. Now I use it about 3 days out of the week for touch ups, I wouldn't dare try straightening my entire hair because it would take hours. I ended up purchasing another one for my daughter and keeping the first one, she said she loves it and I see her use it often, her hair is long and she's learned how to curl with this flat iron. This would be good for flipping the ends of hair, on short and long hair.



TIGI Bed Head Hook Up 1/2" Mini Straightener

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