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Sunmark Nasal Spray Saline

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Better than most others...


I underwent a septoplasty, etc. in October 2011. Afterwards, I was unable to blow my nose for several weeks. At this time, I relied very heavily on saline nasal spray to keep me open, clear, and moisturized. My mother bought SunMark Saline Nasal Spray at the hospital where I had my surgery performed. Now that I am running out, and there has been some occasion where I have had to use another brand... I realize how much better a result I get/got with SunMark vs. even Ocean. With this, I GREATLY prefer to use SunMark Saline Nasal Spray. SunMark isn't as non-palatable when it goes down the back of your throat as Ocean in my experience; therefore, making it a much more useable product. It seems as if maybe the salt contents might be less with SunMark. Plus, the mist is provides is much more pleasant than others. I would HIGHLY recommend SunMark brand Saline Nasal Spray.



Sunmark Nasal Spray Saline

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