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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Nature's Purest Organic Cotton Baby Swing

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broke after little use and not that entertaining


We received this swing for our first child and she hated it. I figured she just hated swings in general so put it away. My second child comes around and he loved it. He would swing in there forever but I was not a fan of the fact that the swing would stop swinging after some time because he would always wake up when the swing stopped. I did appreciate that it didn't waste batteries though. I liked the feel of the fabric and the look of it as it matched our nursery. Our music never worked great but I could live without that. Also the seats doesn't adjust very much and I didn't like that the mobile didn't move therefore didn't provide any entertainment at all for my little ones. I was very unhappy when after just a few months of my son using the swing - the whole thing stopped swinging! I contacted the company in hopes of being able to get a replacement part and they refused to do anything for me. So now the swing was just a total waste of money and barely got any use before it broke. I would not reccomend this product due to these problems.

Glenshaw, PA


Standard Swing


We bought the nature's purest baby swing for my daughter without doing much research about baby swings and if we had to do it agian, we would purchase a different brand.  The swing was fairly easy to put together and it is sturdy.  The swing seat is super soft and comfy for my infant daughter.  The seat is adjustable, but the sitting position is still rather reclined.  It was a great swing for my daughter to sleep in, but not so great for her to sit in during awake time, because she did not want to be reclined.  The strap to hold the child in is also comfortable for the baby.  It is nice and soft and squishy.  My daughter loved the swinging motion and the music and other sounds that the swing made.  The music and other noises do not stay on until they are turned off, but instead they are on a timer, and my daughter would awken when it would click off.  The swinging motion was also on a tmer and would turn off automatically.

Murfreesboro, NC


Summer Infant Nature's Purest Organic Cotton Baby Swing

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