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Speedy Toys

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Take it from me, stay away from Speedy Toys!


I ordered a fairly expensive airsoft ensemble for my son, totaling nearly $190.00.  Speedy Toys billed my card, but did not ship the merchandise.  Repeated attempts to reach Speedy Toys by email and telephone calls yielded no results.  Finally I had to take action through my credit card company.  I would not touch this fly by night company with a twenty-foot pole!  Also, shortly after placing my order, I began having problems with credit card fraud.  Again, run from these guys!!

Macon, GA


good prices


Speedy toys hve great prices and great guns. i bought 12 guns under 100 dollars. i like to shoot people alot so that i feel good. i have alot of time on my hands to see what guns they have. they have good air soft guns. i have about 1000 bbs i got the bbs for 8 bucks so that is a great price for bbs. i recommend going to this sight.i like to see if i can do what i like to do cause if i cant do what i like to do then i cant go to sleeep at night. so i reacommend these guns from this sightr to everyboday. i like to do the ch ch with my ma ma but somtimes it ggets out of hand so i g oto speedy toys . com. so you guys better do the same. they have p 90s, m16s, m9, m92,mp5, mp4, m 12 and lot of lots of lots more. so if i were you i would definatley go to this sight cause its a great sigh to go to to but goos\d guns. that is about all i can say about hese guns so i have to say good but and good luck.

Wheaton, IL


Like Airsoft? Speedy Toys has got you covered.


A few years ago my friends decided to buy some airsoft guns off the internet so they could have some fun mini wars in their backyards. Airsoft guns are BB guns that use plastic pellets rather than metal. They also aren't quite as powerful as a real BB gun. A real bb gun shoots at around 700-1000 FPS (feet per second) with real BBs, while an airsoft gun shoots at around 150-400 FPS with plastic BBs and just for comparison, a real gun shoots at 2000+ FPS. Airsoft guns are made for skirmishes in a neighborhood setting, backyards, parks, and even indoors. It's extremely fun, and the BBs wont break skin if you're 7 or more feet away. If you're closer than that and you're hit on bare skin, it will probably leave a small bruise. Even if you are hit upclose, it doesn't hurt as much as it sounds. Anyways, I decided to get in on the fun and buy some of my own. During my search I came upon **Speedy Toys**. This great website has a huge selection of airsoft guns, both spring powered and battery powered, and also a nice selection of paintball guns. I've bought from the site 3 times and plan on buying a few more times. The ground shipping is free on purchases $150 and over and with every gun order they include 1,000 plastic BBs free. The guns I received were in perfect condition and worked great. I was surprised that the standard ground shipping was incrediblely fast. Even though my friends' airsoft phase ended a few years ago, I still have a couple of guns and I use them often in small wars with a couple of my die hard airsoft/paintball friends. So overall it's a great site with a huge selection and speedy shipping.   **WARNING**: I wouldn't let anyone under the age of 17 handle these guns. They can be very dangerous if used improperly. Also, if you do end up buying from the site or picking an airsoft gun up from a retail store, make sure to pick up some form of eye protection. A direct hit to the eye from these guns could blind you, just like paintball guns could. Also, airsoft guns aren't allowed in some states so you may want to check your local laws before buying.  

North Syracuse, NY


Speedy Toys

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