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Solgar Vitamins

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I have recently have tried the solgar wild oil of oregano as an immune boost for the fall and winter months and for all of its other amazing qualities. I choose oil of oregano because of it's anti- viral properties. The gel caps are not huge and not super small. I like that is comes in a glass bottle since I am not a fan of plastics but this does mean that it will not come with a child safe cap. The difference I have noticed with this brand and not others is I don't burp up a oregano flavor. others have given me reflux and even burning sensation after taking. I have never had or even hear about anyone having and side effects from this product. I would take these with food, but I recommend this with any vitamins that you are taking unless otherwise instructed. The price is better then most other brand if not comparable. I would definitely recommend this product to others.



Solgar Vitamins - "Ingredients to Rely Upon"


When it comes to vitamins, we want the best possible source  for the betterment of our overall health concerns. With so many name brands to choose, it is a major task to figure out which ones are the best carrying the best possible ingredients. I have experienced quite a few good brands in vitamins and Solgar ranks very high in quality ingredients. They have been around for a long while providing many nutritional products and are continually raising and setting the highest standards for their products in order to help us achieve and maintain our most optimal health. Since we take vitamins to help supplement our body with what we need that may lack in the foods we eat, we want to be certain we are taking the right supplements to do just that. Solgar helps me make that decision with ease and is a company I value and have come to rely upon through the years. I value their ingredients and/or lack of ingredients. Solgar's highest standards in  vitamins I generally purchase are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives - "ingredients to reply upon". For the budget conscious, Solgar's vitamins are priced very reasonable and come in various forms such as tablet, capsule, softgels and liquid form as well depending upon the vitamin. Whatever form is to your choosing, each bottle supply is offered in generous quantities and depending upon use, will generally last for awhile saving you time expense and money expense. For quality, quantity, and value, Solgar is a name you can trust. It is an excellent company with nutritional products and great service and is highly recommended.

Knoxville, TN


The vitamins made by Solgar are an excellent value.


I have been taking Solgar Vitamin products for many years. They have consistently maintained their integrity and their excellence. They are widely available and have a full line of nearly everything a person could need or use, yet they have not succumbed to faddish or trendy combinations that are more costly to the consumer and may do little good. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a good product at a good price.

Grafton, MA


Solgar Vitamins

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