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Shark Power Pet Vacuum

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Pet hair be gone!


I purchased this vacuum cleaner 2 months ago. I have 2 large dos and alot of carpeting in my home. I love my dogs but I hate dog hair on the furniture, on my clothes and on the carpets. I vacuum the downstairs of my home every day. Thi vacuum does a terrific job picking up dog har. The bagless canister lets you see what you have picked up. The turbo pet har rattachment does a fantastic job on the furniture. The only complaint that I have is removing the attachments can be difficult. They lock in and you need a tool ( screw driver, knoife, end of nail clippers, ets) to unlock the attachment  to remove it.

Pittsfield, ME


Shark works great for a while, but slows down over time


We bought the Shark Power Pet about a year ago because our dog sheds all over the carpet. We originally used it regularly in our town house. It functioned nicely, seemed to eliminate the pet hair, and was lightweight and reasonably maneuverable. I also love the detachable bucket instead of vacuum bags. I took it outside to dump it though, because dust flies everywhere when you open it! It is very easy to use, and very easy to open and empty. However, a year and a half later, we have our own home and mainly hardwood floors. I only use the Shark weekly to vacuum our livingroom rug (and occasionally to vacuum our seldom-used spare room). In the past couple of weeks I have discovered that the vacuum is no longer cleaning properly. It leaves a lot of visible pet hair on the rug, and was actually pushing some around instead of picking it up. I emptied the bucket and tried again but it was no better. I am really disappointed that this vacuum lasted less than two years and I'm already in the market for another. The vacuum was not very expensive, but I expected more.

Mansfield, TX


Shark Power Pet Vacuum

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