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Shadow Shoppers

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This job takes a lot of time for very little return.  After doing only one job that took me about 4 hours to complete by the time I went to the establishment, interacted with employees, wrote a report and submitted it.  I made $25.00, That's a little more than $6.00 and hour, not to mention my gas usage.  Most of the jobs I received in my email pay about $10.00.  Now that I know how much time one job takes I am not inclined to do more.  Unfortunately for me I made the mistake of paying for the trial membership.  When I went to my profile to cancel my membership I somehow missed the option to cancel so I removed my credit card number.  THEY KEEP IT ON FILE.  My credit card was charged $99.95.  I contacted their online help and they referred me to email someone named Jonathan at Shadow Shopper to discuss this.  Jonathan was less than compassionate.  He  got his $99.95 and he ran with it.  If you want to try Shadow Shopper my best advise....DO NOT PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER IN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!  It's not even worth the $4.95 trial.  If you want to try it, take what you can get for free and keep your credit card number safe.

Itasca, IL


made unauthorized payment from my paypal account!


so I was looking for a way into the shadow shopping community and paid my five dollars to "upgrade" my account for a month.  what I didn't do was authorize them to take $100 from my paypal account, which has caused me a world of trouble today!  the service gives you jobs that are out there from all different agencies which gets really annoying because then you have to sign up for each separate agency.  I never had one job from it because I'd sign up for the agency that was having jobs in my area only to find there were no available jobs in my area! RIP OFF!

Victor, IA


You shouldn't have to pay to work


I signed up with this company to look for Mystery shopping jobs in my area. I go to apply for a job and it says I need to upgrade. You should not have to pay to work for someone. There are many mystery shopping sites that don't cost a monthly fee or a one time use to find jobs in your area. To me it seems way below average compared to other sites. It also feels kinda like a hoax! One thing I have learned through trial and error, never pay to work for someone or find a job. Companies that are legit will want you without you having to pay a membership fee or whatever the cost is.

Larned, KS


No scams here...after joining made my $$ back in one week!


**shadowshopper.com**   **Okay so there are many many "mystery shopping" companies out there. I found one, after doing multiple research, that really works. Shadow Shoppers is a site that is used to "network" you with companies that are seeking mystery shoppers. ** **I joined about 4 years ago. I paid $100 for the membership. In one week I made my $$ back by doing things that I do everytime I shop. Evaluate customer service!!!!!!** Ask me more I will be more than glad to share and answer questions. This is how it works: 1) go to the site shadow shopper website 2) you can either sign up for free alerts or pay for the membership 3) there are questions asked about your shopping experience. What I tell everyone that has never done mystery shopping, "yes you have" How long have you been a shopper? How many times there has been an outstanding display of service or a terrible experience at a store, restaurant, fast food etc?" How many times have you expressed these feelings or concerns with the management? Well if you can answer any of these questions, youve got experience. Answer the questions and submit your information. There are tutorials available on the site to assist you with terms that you are not familiar with. 4) I suggest going to hotmail or yahoo and making up a new email address to receive the listing from shadow shoppers. You will begin to get emails on a daily basis with "open shops" that are in your area. You make the preference as to how often you want to receive this information. 5) Once you get an email of interest to you, following the directions as far as connecting with the company to set up the shop. 6) Have fun. Be yourself.  

Westbury, NY


Shadow Shoppers

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