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Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone

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Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone

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samsung impression made me love texting

The samsung impression is a wonderful phone.  It's easy to use.  It has a Qwerty keyboard.  Its touchscreen.  has great applications.  made me fall more in love...Read complete review

The samsung impression is a wonderful phone.  It's easy to use.  It has a Qwerty keyboard.  Its touchscreen.  has great applications.  made me fall more in love with texting!!

The samsung impression only has three buttons when its closed and the rest is on the touchscreen.  there is the answer key the end key and the return key. when you want to dial you just tap on the dial square on the keyboard dial the number you would like to call and then the call button easy as that.  it is also really easy to swap from call to call and put the call on speaker since it is all in the screen when you are on the phone.  you could receive and send text messages while holding a phone call.  it has a button and the left side which gets you to the messages, media net, games and apps, and another call easily.  you just push the button touch what you want to do and then its done.  

the qwerty keyboard is really good for fast texting.  it has the keys a little separated so for those who have chubby fingers wont push two or three keys at a time.  for texting you could use the qwerty keyboard which slides up or just top the screen for it to appear int he touchscreen.  

the samsung has really cool applications starting with my favorite Music ID.  you start this application when you want to know the name and the singer of a song on the radio or on t.V. all you got to do is hold your phone close enough to the speaker for the phone to capture it, it takes about 20-25 seconds then you get a text with the name and artist and the link where you could download the song or the ringtone.  i use this application almost every day!  it also has what is called a widget its just like a sidebar and you could pick what you want on there and what you dont want on there it makes it faster to get to the application that you want to use.

the camera is good but could of been better.  a flash is needed and it does not have it.  the pictures takes a while to be captured.  you push the button and it might capture what was there 3 seconds later which doesnt always get you what you want.

another thing that i like about this phone is that you could have ringer ID.  which means you could put a ringtone to each person in your address book but that is not all! you could also put a ringtone for when a person texts you it could be one for every person in your address book as well and could be different from when they call you its awesome!!!

overall i think this phone is cool makes it easier to text and talk! 


Most Liked Negative Review


This phone is a nightmare to use. Do not buy it!

I purchased a new Samsung Impression phone 4 days ago and I returned it today.  The phone has myriad problems.  First, the lock/unlock key is difficult to use-every time you...Read complete review

I purchased a new Samsung Impression phone 4 days ago and I returned it today.  The phone has myriad problems.  First, the lock/unlock key is difficult to use-every time you push it the qwerty keyboard starts to pop out.  This is very awkward because you have to press and HOLD the key to unlock your phone.  Secondly, if you send or receive 10 or more texts, the phone just shuts down.  Thirdly, if you don't use the phone for several hours, it quits.  I dialed out around 11 and then went to bed.  I woked up @ 4 in the morning with a leak in my bathroom ceiling and I needed to reach my landlord.  Unlock phone and it's not working.  Gives me the message "Emergency calls only."  Try to text, it says "this service unavailable."  I had to call my boyfriend and he had to come over and mess with it, removing SIM card multiple times and powering up and down for an hour before the thing worked!  In addition, the thing is constantly dropping calls.  I was telling the AT & T rep about all the problems and she's telling me how great the phone is-then she's on the thing with AT & T Customer Care and it drops her call!

Now, let's discuss the touch screen.  If there is a widget or word you need to click on you better pray it's not around the edges of this phone.  If it is, up river with no canoe!  Not only that, but the touch screen has a long lag time-you have to touch it, press down and hold while swiping.  Highly annoying!  Finally, the qwerty keyboard has all the numbers in electric blue and it was very difficult to focus on the letters with that neon blue shining out at me. 

Needless to say, I returned this piece of junk and got an Iphone today and it works beautifully.  The best part-the Samsung phone was 129.99 and the iphone was only 99!  Don't be fooled by the sales pitch and the beautiful looking screen on this phone; it's trying to imitate the iphone and it falls way short of the mark.....a total waste of money. Only buy this gadget if you're into pain and suffering!


Reviewed by 66 customers

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Ok Phone, But Much Better Elsewhere


from Howell, NJ

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

The Samsung Impression is an okay cell phone. It is nice in that it has a large screen and displays colors wonderfully. If you are familiar with the Samsung layout, it has the widget bar and such for the home screen. As for calling, call quality is good. Both ends of a phone call is very clear, and the speakerphone is nice and loud which is a plus for me. For the negatives: Because this is a texting phone, with a slideout keyboard, I have to say I am not a fan of this keyboard. The buttons are kind of had to press in for me. Perhaps I needed to break it in more, I don't know. Also, the camera is ok quality. There is no autofocus on this camera so many pictures you may take are not focuesed well. Also, the lock button on the side is flush with the siding, so it is difficult to press. I use my nail push in. Annoying because it is like a reset button. It should have been slightly above the siding for easy pressing.

Overall, it is an average phone. Great screen and good calling abilities. But the qwerty keyboard to me is annoying, the lack of autofocus on the camera renders it inefficient, and the lock button is a pain.


The Impression...hasn't really impressed me


from Evansville, IN

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

This was my first phone that I didn't just settle for the free upgrade.  I got this over a year ago and was really excited about it, but it hasn't really lived up to my expectations...though I must admit that some pretty stiff competition has come out since its release.  Probably what I like most about this phone is the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which makes texting a breeze.  It also takes surprisingly good pictures (no flash feature however), is pretty user-friendly, and has a decent battery life.  However, this phone has some pretty annoying pitfalls.  The internet can be really slow depending on the site you're trying to get to and the button you press to unlock the screen was poorly designed (I now just slide the phone open a little bit to unlock it).  The annoyance that takes the cake though is that it freezes up quite a bit.  You can be texting back and forth with someone, and then all of the sudden, you try to send a text and it just keeps saying, "sending...".  You ***cannot*** get that message through or receive anyone else's texts until you turn the phone off and then back on...and then you have to wait about a minute after it's back on or it will keep saying "Initializing" if you try to go to your messages right away.  There are times when I don't realize it has frozen up until I go to try to text someone.  I'll 'restart' my phone, and I'll see that I have 5 texts waiting for me...some from hours earlier.  All in all, it's not a terrible phone, but if the freezing would irritate you to no end, I would look elsewhere.


ok phone


from Lafayette, CA

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

i Got this phone for christmas. It is an ok phone. It was free at and t upgrade so i chose it. There are some pros and cons to this phone. I feel like this phone has more troubles than it is worth. The phone is very cumbersome to use. It froze a lot and made me very frustrated because it would freeze at the most inopportune times. 

Another problem with this phone is the bad battery life. This phone needs to be charged everyday because the capabilities of the phone take a toll on the battery. The phone however is pretty sturdy. I have dropped it numerous times and it still works. The phone is pretty cool looking but it is a bit on the heavy side. I wish the phone was a little lighter because when i put it in my pocket its kind of bulky and weighs my pocket down a lot. I wish the phone also put games into it. When i am bored i wish i could play some games to kill time and get rid of my boredom. 


Impressed by the Impression


from Newton, NJ

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

I bought this phone about three months ago, when I switched carriers, and I love it! I had a flip phone before acquiring this phone, and I was afraid I would have trouble learning to use the Impression. I was wrong! I have found this phone to be very user friendly, and although it still suprises me every once in a while when I find something I didn't know it did, I have figured it out quickly. The screen is large and easy to see and text with. The screen is not heat sensitive so you can use your nail to text as oppossed to having to use your finger tips. It also has a slide out keyboard for those who don't like to use the touch screen to text. The camera takes great pictures. The battery holds a good charge, as I text alot and also go on the internet alot during the day and still have almost a full charge when I go to bed at night. I would estimate that I charge the battery about every two days. the only thing I don't care much for on this phone is the screen lock button. It locks the screen after a very small amount of inactivity, so you have to unlock it alot during the day, which I guess is good in one respect because you don't have to worry about pocket dialing people (which by the way has never happened with this phone). But that feature can be a pain if you are texting and look up to answer someone who is talking to you, because no matter how brief, when you go to resume texting you have to unlock the screen. Other than that one con, I am very impressed with the Impression.


This phone is terrible


from Westville, NJ

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

I have four of these phones and have nothing but trouble.  I have returned all of them twice and they hve been replaced with the same model.  I am gonna b returning it for the third time.  They freeze (screen and keyboard), shut off consistently, loose calls like crazy.   I would not recommend.

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Samsung Impression - failed to impress me


from Richmond, KY

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

In August I made a switch. I "upgraded" from a Palm Centro to a Samsung Impression. Bad mistake for a number of unforeseen reasons:

- I lost the capability of texting while talking. My Palm was perfectly content letting me do that. Samsung Impression - none whatsoever.

- Texting doesn't show up in an instant messenger chat form, like I was used to with my Palm.

- My received text messages are delayed by two minutes, thus hindering effective and efficient communication.

The camera on it is really good. The phone has some great features, like 2 touch keyboards along with the slider keyboard. It reminds me a lot of a Mac - there is more than one way to get anywhere on the phone. Because it is a touch screen with minimal case protection of the screen, it's really important that the phone be in a case. I have dropped it a couple of times, and the phone has been perfectly fine, thanks to the case which took the brunt of the fall (and the screen protector in case the screen gets scratched).


Is it me or the samsung impression phone?


from Hawthorne, NJ

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

I have had this phone for 4 months and I don't think the keyboard works properly.  When I type I either get to many letters or no letter.  I took it back to the AT&T store and they didn't have a problem with it.  I've had other people try it and the same thing happened to them.  I like the phone very much except for the keyboard problem.  I have to say it takes great pictures and is easy to use.  I also like the large screen.  Is it me or the phone?  HELP!


Quirky phone that I wouldn't buy again


from Charlotte, NC

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

Last year, I decided to make a big jump in my technology, going from a basic flip phone to this Samsung Impression.  Some of the nice features that the Impression has include

~ Easily accessible and customizable home screen icons that can be easily hidden or moved.

~ Ability to connect pictures and ringtones to specific people

~ Pretty good battery life (I only have to charge every 2-3 days)

~ Quickly adapts to holding it horizontally or vertically

~ An easy-to-use full-sized key pad

~ 3G connectivity is widespread


That being said, the Impression has turned out to be a pretty quirky phone:

~ Phone has to be turned off every couple of days or features will stop (i.e. calls/texts won't be received, alarm function doesn't work).

~ Taking on and off the "Lock screen" feature is cumbersome

~ Touch screen can be "off" at times

~ The phone is not made for any of the apps that are out there for phones - downloadable features are limited

~ Poor calendar and memo/notes features.


Better choices out there


from Central Jersey

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

I have owned this phone for about three months now. While it is easy to use, I do have a few problems with it. It has a lock feature which is a pain to take off because every time you try and push the button, it pushes the phone to slide open. The keys are very small and it is hard to text with the keyboard even for me who has small hands and has never had a problem with small keys on a phone before. The third thing that I cannot stand is how your fingers hit the slide out on the phone when using the keyboard. It definately has a poor design. I do like the touch screen as it does work better than a few that I have tried. I have not had any major problems with the phone thus far. Overall I would say that it is a great phone with a poor design. It is awkward to text on, but all of the features work properly. The speaker is loud enough and I have not had any dropped calls although that may be a service thing, not a phone thing. If you have extremely tiny fingers than I would say go for this phone, otherwise, there are better options out there for adult fingers.


User friendly phone with great features!


from Columbus, OH

Comments about Samsung Impressions SGH- Cell Phone:

I owned this phone for a year and it was by far one of my favorites.  The screen was beautiful and bright, however, it was hard to see it outside when it was bright outside.  The QWERTY keyboard was nicely spaced and allowed for fast typing with very little key errors.  The camera took good quality photos, however, it lacks a flash so it was really only useful during the daytime or with lots of lighting.  The speakerphone feature was so/so.  The volume was not loud enough for me, especially while driving, but that could probably be easily fixed through a bluetooth system through your car speakers.  I really enjoyed how it had smart phone capabilities such as checking emails and certain web sites and viewing online tv shows.  I would recommend this phone for everyone of all ages who is looking for an eye catching phone and one that has entertainment features.  Samsung phones have never let me down.

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