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Samsung - Digimax 420 Digital Camera

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The Samsung-Digimax Camera uses up LOTS of batteries!


I have a Samsung Digimax 420 camera that I purchased used from a friend.  It is small and very easy to use and it has such features as 4.0 mega pixels, 12x zoom, and a 6cm macro 3x optical movie clip.  It is user friendly, easy to view and delete photos, and easy to transfer the photos to my computer.  The pictures are of good quality for an inexpensive camera.  I really do like this camera except for one thing.  It is a battery eater!  It only uses 2 AA batteries, but I can only get about a dozen photos before I have to insert new ones! It gets very frustrating because I will often miss out on capturing a beautiful scene because the camera starts shutting down on me! This makes picture taking a very expensive hobby!!  Therefore, I will soon be replacing it with a newer model.  Hopefully I will be able to find an affordable camera very similar to this one that is easy on the batteries or has a plug in charger!  

Watkinsville, GA


Samsung Digital camera takes awesome pictures!


For the price this is a camera that takes outstanding pictures.  It has a great zoom, small enough to carry around and great features.  You can put settings at scenery which includes, sun settings, dawn, fireworks,beach and many more.  There are also many other settings and a guide to help you with problems or how to take the picture. The pictures are clear and the zoom is great.

Adel, IA


Easy to Use Camera


I like to take pictures, but also like cameras that are simple to use.  This Samsung Digimax 420 camera is an easy to use point and shoot camera and is great for travel.  It only holds 13 pictures, unless you buy more memory, but has a high picture quality.  The pictures come out clear and the software makes it easy to edit, print and improve the picture quality.  I like that the camera easily connects to my computer through the USB port, and the camera is small and compact.  The camera has an easy menu to view and delete pictures and can take short video.  This is a great camera for someone who just wants to preserve some memories and have fun taking pictures in the moment.  It is pretty inexpensive and a great camera for those not too tech savvy.

Las Vegas, NV


Samsung - Digimax 420 Digital Camera

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