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Salton Waffle Maker

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Salton Hearts Delight, Great if you have kids.


I received this for a christmas gift a few years ago. I thought it was cute, but I already had a fairly new waffle maker. Oh well, the kids loved it. They liked tearing the waffle apart into individual hearts. So I kept using it for a while. It made perfectly good waffles and the kids love it. Sometime later I decided to pull out my other waffle maker and to my suprise I preffered this one. The nonstick coating is better and for some reason it seemed better all around. So my original waffle maker sits in the back of the cupbord, waiting for the day I might need to use cook 2 waffles at a time. My original waffle iron needs to be oiled while you use it. The oil tends to get cooked on and hard to clean off. This one,.even though I , probably needlessly, gets sprayed with Pam. It hasn't however developed that yellow, cooked oil stains and cleans up nicely. If I had to purchase another waffle iron, I think I would go for this one, to my suprise.  

Oroville, CA


Salton Waffle Maker

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