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Salton PC2 Popcorn Maker

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Salton PC2 Popcorn Maker: simple but great!


We got our Salton PC2 Popcorn maker years ago for our wedding and it's still going strong. What I love about this popcorn maker is how easy it is to use. It only has two parts, the popcorn maker and the "lid". You simply put the unpopped corn in the popcorn maker (no oils required), put the lid on, and plug it in. Easy! One batch makes quite a bit of popcorn. Cleaning is easy as well. Once it's done you just emtpy out any unpopped kernels and put it away. There are no buttons or switches. You simply plug it in to start popping. I haven't ever had any burnt popcorn with this machine and it only leaves a few unpopped kernals. The machine itself is very slim and doesn't take up a lot of room in storage.

Auburn, WA


Salton PC2 Popcorn Maker

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