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SC Johnson Inc
SC Johnson Inc Off! Yard And Deck Insect Repellent

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SC Johnson Inc Off! Yard And Deck Insect Repellent

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Off Yard and Deck Creates a Barrier Against Bugs


from Houston, TX

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Comments about SC Johnson Inc Off! Yard And Deck Insect Repellent:

Mosquitoes are more than just annoying. If all they did was bite and leave a small bump that healed in a few days, they wouldn’t be anything more than a nuisance. But mosquitoes are far worse because they sometimes spread disease and thus we all need to take precautions whenever we can. One good means to this needed protection is Off Yard and Deck Insect Repellent.

Repellent Facts and Commentary:

Off Yard and Deck Insect Repellent is a spray repellent, but it isn’t like other Off products that are sprayed on the skin. This product is sprayed instead into the outdoor air. It works by creating an invisible barrier that seals out mosquitoes and other flying insects, keeping them away from the space inside the sprayed area.

I have a small lot, but mosquitoes are still a problem and I will reach for any weapon at my disposal to stop these flying pests and keep them away from my home, family, and guests. Off Yard and Deck Insect Repellent is one such weapon. Its barrier is alike an invisible toxic fog that insects will not pass through and it keeps working for many hours.

Off Yard and Deck Insect Repellent isn’t the perfect solution to insect problems, but it does help and I think it is best when used along with a full skin treatment with Off spray. With the barrier in place from Off Yard and Deck Insect Repellent and the added protection from the spray applied directly on the skin, there is very little chance that a mosquito will make its way to your body.

Bottom Line Viewpoint:

Off Yard and Deck Insect Repellent is a useful product for controlling mosquitoes and keeping them away from your home or other defined space. It won’t eliminate every mosquito because there could always be some still lurking inside the invisible barrier. But it does make a difference and it’s a product I recommend trying.

The effectiveness is good, but not great.

Ease of Application
It takes time because you have to spray all around the effected area.

The scent isn't great, but it isn't bad and as long as you spray it a good distance away, you won't notice it.

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Don't Stay Home Without It!


from Northern, FL

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Comments about SC Johnson Inc Off! Yard And Deck Insect Repellent:

My husband uses a seasonal yard spray to control flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks in our yard, but, we keep a can or two of **Off! Yard and Deck Insect Repellent** as backup insurance when we have guests over. Nothing can put a damper on an outdoor Bar-b-que faster than a bunch of insensitive mosquitoes that have nothing better to do than hang around unsuspecting humans with exposed skin! ouch!

**Off! Yard and Deck Insect Repellent** sprays a thick fog and if sprayed in a circular area, it helps create a barrier that will stop bugs from invading your party for up to six hours. 

Tips for using **Off! Yard and Deck Insect Repellent:**

- Not to be used Indoors- this is an outdoor product for use in outdoor areas - backyards, patios, decks, campsites and picnic areas

- Repels flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and ants for up to 6 hours

- Also effective against small flying moths, wasps and hornets

- Not intended for body application

- Contains no CFCs or other ozone depleting substances

**Bottom Line:**

Mosquitoes have been becoming more and more of a nuisance [as well as a health concern] since the banning of DDT in the early 1970s.  Mosquito-born disease is spreading and cases of Malaria and West Nile Virus are once again rearing their ugly heads all over the world. In our country, Central Florida is experiencing an upswing in Dengue Fever, caused from infected mosquitoes.

Protect your family, pets and guests by using multiple mosquito repellents to keep them from spreading their unwanted germs. At our house, **Off! Yard and Deck Insect Repellent **is one line of defense against these little insects.****


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