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SAFETY 1ST Disney Umbrella Stroller

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Low price, High Value!


I love my Disney Umbrella Stroller, not just because it is totally adorable and Disney themed, but because it is an awesome stroller that I could not imagine being without. I love the fabric on this one, as would any Disney fan. The design makes it fold down smaller than any other stroller on the market. It's made of nice light materials so hauling it up and down stairs or up into the trunk or back seat of a car is a breeze compared to other strollers. It's not adjustable, but it comes at just the right height. My husband is a full foot taller than I am and he has just as easy a time pushing it as I do. This is my go-to stroller for quick shopping trips in stores where there are no shopping carts and I don't want to try to carry a squirming toddler all over the store. It is also my favorite stroller for traveling. Yes, it's a Disney design stroller and it is GREAT for taking to Walt Disney World and other big theme parks and tourist destinations. Small enough to bring on the plane with you so you can get through the airport without carrying a little one, but sturdy enough to use even with a bigger tired preschooler. Design Light and portable! Safety The seat belt holds in even the most wiggly of toddlers. Child Comfort The entire seat area is fabric and hangs from the frame, so there are no hard or poking surfaces touching the baby while in the stroller -all soft surface. Maneuverability Great on just about any type of surface.



SAFETY 1ST Disney Umbrella Stroller

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