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Rimmel London
Rimmel London Rich Moisture Lipstick - All Shades

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Rimmel London Rich Moisture Lipstick


I was not impressed with the application of this lipstick or the durability of this lipstick. The price is good but I don't think it was worth it. I also think it is better for me to stick with something like Clinique so I can try the color out before buying. Purchasing drug store make up is always a gamble for me!

Memphis, TN


Rimmel London Lipstick Rules the Day


I hate to spend a ton of money on lipstick because I like to change the colors to match my mood or outfit for the day.  It can be very expensive to buy the department store costmetics counter lipsticks even if they may have a wonderful reputation and a fancy name.  On a whim, I selected Rimmel London Rich Moisture Lipstick while I was getting a few things at a large chain store.  I am glad that I did!  The promised moisture is something that you can feel and will notice the first time that you use this product.  I have to admit that I have used the lipstick as a chapstick type product when I did not need the color boost.  My husband rolls his eyes when I do that and yet, it works great in a snap!  There are a variety of colors to choose from so you will most certainly find something that will match your latest outfit and/or even your craziest mood!  And worse case senerio, you are not happy with the lipstick, well, you have not spent a fourtune.

Saint Charles, MN


Rimmel is my favorite lipstick.


Rimmel London Rich Moisture Lipstick is my favorite lipstick. In fact, it is now the only one I use. Over the years I have bought many lipsticks only to get them home and not like them. Not this one! I have been wearing the same shade for over a year. It is Dreamy 140. It is a very light pretty pink. It has a sheen and is nice and sheer. This lipstick has excellent staying power. It is VERY moisturizing and it has the added bonus of having an spf of 18. This shade also has a bit of a shimmer. There are many shades to choose from- I believe there are over twenty. Some looked nice for day and others were more dramatic and more suited for evening wear. The price is excellent! Rimmel also goes on sale frequently. So, having several shades is very possible at these prices. You can find Rimmel at all department stores and also all drugstores. They also have lovely blushes that coordinate with their lipsticks. But, their lipsticks would coordinate with other brands of cosmetics too. I honestly feel Rimmel is a brand that suits any age group and is an excellent value for your money.

In Upstate, NY


Rimmel Londo Rich Moisture Lipstick stays in place


I am new to the Rimmel London products but I tried the Rimmel London Lipstick in Airy Fairy number070.  I absolutely love the pretty color of this lipstick.  The Moisture Rich Lipstick stayed in place and really seemed to make my lips softer.  The lipstick has a very nice smell to it as well, not a chemical smell that some lipstick brands have.  I would definitly recommend this lipstick to anyone who is looking for a lipstick that is inexspencive but acts more like a higher end brand.

Philadelphia, PA


Rimmel London Rich Moisture Lipstick - All Shades

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