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Richmond Cedar Works
Richmond Cedar Works Ice Cream Freezer

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Our RCW ice cream freezer churns delicious frozen treats!


A friend gave me a Richmond Cedar Works MGF. CORP. Ice Cream Freezer she had collecting dust in her basement. She didn't remember when it had been purchased and thought it had been used less than a dozen times. I have only used it twice so far to make coffee ice cream and chocolate ice cream at an ice cream themed birthday party. It is an electric model which is no longer manufactured (RCW sold to Rival; I think in the early 1980's and Rival now has many of it's own ice cream maker models). It was fairly easy to use though making ice cream with this unit is complex. I had to heat the eggs and cream and other ingredients on the stove first; then cool them in the refrigerator overnight before adding to the ice cream maker. More ice and rock salt had to be added while it was in operation as well. I like that the paddle stops after the ice cream becomes thick (after about 30 minutes); then I removed the can and transferred the first batch of ice cream (which was fairly easy) into a freezer safe container, and placed it in the freezer until the desired consistency was formed. With the second batch I just put the whole freezer can in the freezer after removing the paddle. Definitely fun, yet more time consuming than I had anticipated and since you must keep an eye on the machine the whole time; I'm not sure how often I will use it.

Woodstock, GA


Richmond Cedar Works Ice Cream Freezer

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