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Purina Kit N' Kaboodle Dry Cat Food

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Extreme orange diarrhea


While my cats absolutely loved the flavor the aftermath caused complete chaos. Two out of three of our babies ended up with horrific orange diarrhea that they could not control. This wasn't even the worst part. The diarrhea was bright orange and stained anything it touched. I would highly recommend avoiding this product until they remove the orange/red dye in their product.

Iowa Park,Tx


Good Food...For Most Cats


The food was probably good, very good even. My cats loved it, but it caused problems. We have 5 cats that we fed it to. One cat ended up with a discolored red stool. This isn't a medical problem, just surprised us. If he had continued eating it, it would have been fine. He would just have had the discolored stool because of the dye in the food. We had another cat that developed diarrhea shortly after starting the food. We went to the vet, and they asked if we had started a new food. When we said yes, they suggested trying another food they've already had. Once we switched back, and stopped giving them the kit 'n kaboodle, the diarrhea, as well as the red stool, went away. We haven't gone back, & neither problem came back. While I wouldn't tell someone NOT to get this food, I would suggest to them to keep their eye on any changes in their pets, with ANY food change. It was a great food, and my other cats loved it. It just gave them problems we weren't wiling to put up with. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients seem fine. My cats seemed to like this food, even though it caused them problems. Flavor Selection Although it caused problems, my cats really enjoyed the food. They would get excited to eat it, & ate quite a bit, so I know they liked it. :)



My cats love Kit & Kaboodle


We have been purchasing Kit & Kaboodle cat food for several years now. My cat Jasmine is very spoiled and is very picky. I mean so picky that she won't even eat treats or meat when we give it to her. We tried many cat foods before this one and she just turned her nose up to them. She seems to really like it, we have tried a few different ones since we started buying this brand, and she doesn't like them either. For a name brand, it is a cheaper choice. When we started buying it, it started out as a 20 pound bag, or maybe even larger, and since then, the amount in the bag keeps shrinking and the price keeps going up. That is what we don't like about it. Also, when we bought it, some of the pieces had morsels in the middles and they haven't been in there for some time now. I also have an outside cat, Grey and he really seems to enjoy this food too. I would recommend giving this food a try with your cats.

Armagh, PA


My kitty really love his Kit N' Kaboodle!


Kit N Kaboodle was a great choice that I made for my cat. Smokey Joe is 10 years old and rather picky on the food and treats that he is. I had tried several other before finding Kit N Kaboodle and instantly, Smokey Joe started eating this food, like there was no tomorrow. I have found that Kit N Kaboodle is very easy for Smokey Joe to digest and does not leave much odor. I would rate Kit N Kaboodle with a 5 star and would be happy to tell other people about this product.

Poplar Bluff, MO


Purina Kit N' Kaboodle Dry Cat Food

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