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Plugged In
Plugged In Tourmaline Flat Iron

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Great value!


I got this straightener because I needed a new one and it was on sale.  Of all of the straighteners I've owned, this is my favorite!  It heats up quickly and does wonders for my hair!  My hair is wavy, thick, and sometimes has a mind of it's own.  With this straightener, I am able to style my hair the way I want and keep it looking sleek and straight all day!

Indianapolis, IN


Plud In GED Plugged In Flat Iron is incredible for the price!


The **PLUD IN GED **in *Flat Iron* is an awesome flat iron that I recently purchased at **Sally's Beauty Supply**.  I got the flat iron for a *great price* and also received a a cute bang flat iron with the Plud In Ged purchase.  I have had great results with this product and I should know I have *extremely curly hair*.  This flat iron is comparable to the **Chi** Flat Iron which was another quality I loved about this product.  When looking for this product just remember to look for the **hot pink flat iron**.

Dublin, TX


A great flat iron - heats up fast and works like a charm


My daughter has very curly hair and has used flat irons to straighten her hair for several years. This is one of the best flat irons we have used. At first, we were skeptical because we had purchased a very expensive flat iron that only worked for a short time. The Plugged In flat iron almost seemed to small and inexpensive to be any good - but we were wrong to worry about that! This little baby heats up very quickly and stays hot. It cuts down on the time you have to spend styling your hair because you don't have to keep going over and over trying to straighten your hair - which is very damaging to your hair as well as being a big pain! The Plugged in flat iron has an adjustable heat setting which is nice, and it's small so it's easy to pack up and take with you if you are traveling or going to fix your hair after you work out or something. My daughter also likes this flat iron because it comes in a cute pink color with rinestones! Don't let the bling fool you - it's not a princess, it's a dependable flat iron!

Delphos, KS


Plugged In Tourmaline Flat Iron

5.0 3