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Playtex Nurser Petite Double Electric Breast Pump

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Good for occasional pumping


This breastpump was a great breastpump for 7 months however only for 7 months. I was an exclusive pumper and the motor on this pump wore out after 7 months of continuous is not really meant for exclusive pumping.  However, the pump itself was awesome and had just the right amount of suction and speed to get as much milk as possible out. The only other problem we had was where the tubing connected to the cones. There was a little valve there and if you pulled too hard to disconnect the tubing the whole valve would break off and you had to buy a new cone.  This happened to us a few times and Playtex was able to Fedex overnight it with the warranty on the pump but that was still one whole day only using one side of the pump.  The parts were pretty easy to purchase online as we had to buy new tubing every few months. Overall, I might buy this pump again if I wasn't planning on exclusively pumping.

San Diego, CA


Didn't like the Playtex Breast Pump


I bought the Playtex Nursing Necessities Breast Pump because it was the cheapest dual pump I saw at the store, and it fit with all the accessories, so I bought those too. I should have saved my money. It was taking me forever at work to get enough milk for my son, the motor was just no good and sometimes there was almost no suction. I tried to put up with it for a few months, but I decided it was either buy a new pump or quit breastfeeding. I bought the Medela and suddenly I wasn't having any problems making enough milk to last my son his time at daycare. I mean, a breast pump has one function and if it can't perform that function it's not worth any money. I don't know how it does for occasional pumping, but if you work outside the home, don't waste your money.

Corona, CA


Playtex Nurser Petite Double Electric Breast Pump

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