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Peg Perego
Peg Perego Pliko Switch Classico Carriage Stroller - Java

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Worth the high price tag


Honestly this stroller is worth every penny, get the attachments, they make the value and the life of the stroller last longer as your child gets bigger and older Design When we take our son out in this stroller we always are being asked about the stroller by moms or expecting moms. This is the second peg perego we have bought, and it was the same with the earlier model. Child Comfort Our son was instantly comfortable in this stroller, he would easily fall asleep on long walks, and he never complained about being uncomfortable or in pain. Maneuverability This is a full size stroller but its lightweight and suprisingly.easy to control. When you break it down its light enough to take through the airport n put throuh the x ray. This stroller performs well in the snow, the mud, rain... Whatever the weather, mom doesnt need to worry Durability We use this stroller on a daily basis, and we havent had a single problem with it at all. The construction of this product is lightweight, but well manufactured. When you ars using the product you can tell that you bought a durable high quality product.



Peg Perego Pliko Switch Classico Carriage Stroller - Java

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