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Parfums de Coeur Fresh White Musk Fantasy Lotion Tube 7 oz

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I LOVE this Stuff!


I absolutely LOVE the way this product smells. I do not think I will ever get tired of the subtle fragrance. The scent is Fresh White Musk in a lotion from Parfumes de Coeur. I was really surprised when I fell in-love with a "musk" fragrance because I had grown tire of the "musk" scents that we were bombarded with in the 1980's.  This scent is truly unique from any other musk scent I have smelled.  When I wear this I feel during the day I feel confident and pretty and when I wear it to bed- yee-haaaw! I had a hard time finding this when I recently needed to get some more. I finally found it in the gift sets at K-Mart. Other stores carried the brand but no one had the Soft White Musk scent.  I have a friend who also loves this product. I asked her what scent she was wearing because I liked it. We both laughed when she stated she was wearing this product. Made me sure of how much I like it! I recommend layering your fragrance for longer lasting pleasure. This scent comes as lotion and body spray- if you can find it! Try it- I promise you will LOVE it too.

Englewood, CO


Parfums de Coeur Fresh White Musk Fantasy Lotion Tube 7 oz

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