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Panasonic TC-P42S30 42" HDTV Plasma TV

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Great TV, Great Price


We received this TV as a wedding gift from my parents, and I have to say, I think it is the wedding gift that gets the most use. We mounted this TV on the wall in our living room, and it looks so sleek mounted on the wall. It is thin enough that it doesn't stick out from the wall very far, and it looks so much more modern than having it on a bulky TV stand. The picture quality is great. We originally had a non-HD TV, and the difference in picture quality is astounding! I don't know how we could stand to watch TV shows or sports games in non-HD. It's like you can finally see TV the way it was meant to be seen. There are a lot of different options out there for Plasma HD TV's, but this one is fantastic. Our living room is small, so the 42" was the perfect size. We were going to purchase a sound bar or other surround sound system, but the sound quality on this TV is great without any of that extra stuff. Like I said, our room is small, so if you have a bigger room, you might want to get additional speakers, but we are very pleased with the sound quality for our room.

Livonia, MI


Panasonic and Samsung are the 2 best brands out there!


I've had this tv for quite a few years now and it's served me well. I actually have 2 of them, one in the bedroom and one out by the pool. I don't really have a preference between plasma or LCD - they both have fantastic pictures, and the depth of the screen or size of the bezel don't really bother me that much. Yes, plasmas are a little deeper and have a larger bezel. Honestly, if I could have found a good deal on a panasonic or samsung lcd I would have gotten it. This panasonic has all the normal features I use - digital tuner / PIP / QAM / etc. I use it with both digital cable, and a set of rabbit ears for over the air networks when I'm recording 2 shows on my cable company DVR and want to watch something else. The picture is outstanding, but I can't really speak to the sound quality, as I pipe the sound through my receiver and stereo speakers. Highly recommended, love it!



Love our Panasonic 42" Plasma HDTV!


About 6 years ago we decided to look into getting a flat screen tv for our living room. After doing a ton of research, I decided that the best tv for our purposes would be a 42" Panasonic. Back then flat screens were much more expensive than they are now, so I waited until I was able to find a great deal on one for Black Friday. We have this tv on almost all the time either playing music on it, or watching tv. It has a fantastic picture quality, and the speakers work very good as well. We have never had any problems with this tv, and were so pleased with the Panasonic brand that we bought another one (different model) for our basement. I personally really like the 42 inch size as well since it it plenty big to watch shows, and it doesn't look too big in the room.

Denver, CO


Panasonic TC-P42S30 42" HDTV Plasma TV

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