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Panasonic TC-L42E3 42" LCD TV

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Decent for the price


I currently have this TV in my master bedroom. I have been happy with it for some time, but I would like to upgrade soon to something better. Panasonic seems to be a good brand, so if you are looking for something basic, this is a good get. Picture Quality Its not HD, so you get your regular picture quality, but that being said, the quality is good. I do like how its big, but not overwhelmingly big. This is a great TV to have in a bedroom or somewhere you aren't watching it all the time, but occasionally like to. Sound Quality The sound is ok. I do have to turn it up and down a lot, not sure if that's because of the channels I am watching, or the TV itself. When I plug my dvd player into it, I have to turn it up even louder to watch movies. Durability Its holding up just fine, but the only problem I am having with it, is that sometimes when I turn it on by the remote, it doesn't want to come on. The light comes on then shuts off. So I have to get up and go hold the power button manually to make it reset and come on. Not sure why it does this but its been doing it for quite some time. Design Pretty basic run of the mill design. Sleek and doesn't take up much room, and you can hang it up on the wall if you want. Performance Other than the power button issue, it works great



Great flat screen from a name I trust.


We got this as a Christmas present for our growing family. We shopped around and found this tv from a brand we trust and a price we could afford. The screen is the perfect size and the picture is crystal clear. We have small children in our house and this tv is very durable. Many times I have cleaned fingerprints from the screen with no problems. I've even been able to buff out small scratches from their toys! My husband likes it because he can watch his movies, sports, and play games on it and it's large enough for him to feel like he's almost there. Panasonic is a great brand and this tv is worth the price. I love it to watch Netflix and the kids love to play their Wii. Definitely a family tv! Picture Quality I'm not a pro but I think it's great. Sound Quality We don't have any hearing problems so it works great. Durability Like I mentioned in my review it is very cleanable and durable. Design Love the buttons on the side. Performance We've loved it so far.



Panasonic TC-L42E3 42" LCD TV

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