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Olay Regenerist Lip Anti Aging Concentrate

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It definately make the lips soft


I love just about everything in the Olay Regenerest product line.  I just had to try the lip therepy.  First of all it has a great feel, silk and smooth.  I think it does really work.  But I also think there is something in there that makes my lips feel like I need to use it again.  Almost like they want you to feel like that so you use more.  Prior poster is right, it is slightly spendy, not to bad if you can catch it on sale.  But I also don't think there is enough in the tube.  It's about 4 inces long, but the actual therepy is only about an inch.  I would probably not buy it again, but wouldn't mind it as a gift.

Shakopee, MN


This product is outstanding!


I was sent this product to try as a sample from an online survey. I absolutely love it! It really works. It soothes out fine lines around the lips and moisturizes the lips wonderfully. I personally use it at least twice a day, morning and evening. The packaging is beautiful and very easy to use. It is a nice size product. My only critique is that I feel it is priced a little too high for the average buyer. They would sell a lot more of this product if they would reduce the price a little bit.

Hernando, FL


Multiple uses in one bottle


I have extremely dry skin and lips, but I am also very interested in anti-aging products.  I have had problems finding a lip therapy that fits my needs in the past.  I am not a fan of medicated taste and smells for my lip products either, these make my feel like I am not well and should be taking cold medicine.  I also do not like products that have to much vaseline in them or do not absorb very well, which I have found with many lip products!  I have been looking for a product that I can use to moisturize my lips and treat those signs of aging, and this product is the best that I have found.  I have purchased multiple lip therapies that claim to reverse aging signs and moisturize, but I have not been satisfied with them after actually using them.  This product however, has shown results and my lips look great and are not so dry.  It is very important in this new cold weather to protect my lips and this product actually does weather the cold weather!!!

Lexington, KY


Olay Regenerist Lip Anti Aging Concentrate

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