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Nokia N800 Tablet PC

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first was the pager,then cell phone,and laptop, now the N800


can't wait for the N810 ...hopefully they'll make N900,then N910 .., the next revolution in communication beside laptop and cell phones. Keep it in your pocket, discreet device unlike a fancy laptop. The best part is that you can take this device anywhere with wifi technologies to connect. I am sure more and more wifi hotspot will be available on a wider coverage in the following years or so.

Pasadena, CA


A handy internet-enabled device


The Nokia N800 is a handheld tablet PC.  I say this because at first glance it looks like an overgrown iPhone.  Anywhere there is a wi-fi connection, the Nokia N800 can access the internet. By using a stylus on the touch screen, you can enter text (by using a keyboard displayed on the touch screen), send e-mail and surf.  Depending on how good your eyes are, you may want to use the zoom feature to enlarge something on the screen. The operating system is a version of Linux.  There are some Java animations or scrollers that this does not seems to be able to handle.  But maybe this just points out that some sites have** too many** interactive, animated features.  (Those of you who need to hear this, take heed.) It is a little bit of a pain to use a stylus on the touch screen, rather than use a physical keyboard.  I see that the Nokia N810 has a real keyboard, although I have not tried that model.  All in all it is a nifty little device.  If you want mobile computing, you should take a look at the Nokia N800.

Chatham, IL


Nokia N800 Tablet PC

5.0 2