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Nokia - Cell Phone

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I have a Nokia 2126i...


This is a prepaid phone that I got because I get food stamps...I get 68 FREE mins a month and they also gave me the phone FREE too...I live out in the country so the first phone they sent me wouldn't get any service out here so they upgraded my phone for me and I get 2 bars and its crystal clear...

Maryville, TN


I love my phone!


I love my Tracfone.  It's easy and I'm not bound to a contract.  When I need minutes I can get them.  I don't have to limit myself to calling people after nine o'clock.  My calls are not limited to my friends.  Sometimes you may have to call a doctor's office or the landlord and that can't wait untll after nine. 

Valdosta, GA


Nokia tracfone good for minimal use


The Nokia 2126i tracfone is a perfect  little phone if you have little use for a cell phone. You can buy minutes instead of having to sign a contract. It doesn't have all those extras which can be wonderful, but if you don't use them, why have them. This tracfone is great if you just want to make the occasional call or keep in your car for emergency purposes. The display is large enough to easily read.

New Ulm, MN


Find a better phone.


Hi there. My name is Tina. I am 32 and live in the USA. I am writing my review on the Nokia 2126, which I purchased from iwireless. It is an ok phone, but it costs alot to keep it up. I purchased the Mega Talk plan, which allows you to use the phone in your state, and some areas that are around your state. Anyway, it's ok as far as that. I just wouldn't consider buying extra talk time to call outside the state you live in because it is very expensive. I think I would prefer a phone that allows you to use it anywhere and at anytime, no matter what, for one low price. Doesn't that sound like a good idea? I think so.  Well, that's my review, and hope to hear yours.

Mason City, IA


Nokia - Cell Phone

3.3 4