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Motorola - cells Cell Phone

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Like it very much....but could leave it.


I like this phone very much, however I am ready to upgrade. The battery life stinks. If you leave it on overnight you will have to charge it up again the next day. I like to check my email away from home and the service is difficult to use. It takes forever just to get to the screen, unlike using the Blackberry. I like the fact you can download ringtones. I don't do Text Messaging. Overall, it is a good, well built phone.

Fallston, MD


Motorola i710 the worst phone EVER


When I was with Sprint/Nextel I used to own the Motorola i710 phone. What a piece of junk..Thank goodness I had insurance on my phone cause I went through 14 phones with them all having the same problems and it wasn't do to dropping the phone or anything else. The phone would lock up,shut off on it's own and much more. I would bring it in and get it serviced and within a couple days I would bring it back. They would give me another one and it continued. I called Sprint/Nextel and complained about this phone. I told them what a piece of junk this phone was,that it is pretty bad when you go through 14 of the same brand phone and it has the same problem EVERY TIME. Give me something different don't give me the same darn phone just for me to have to bring it back and get another one that I would be returning anyways. They would say I'm sorry but there is nothing we can do except send you the same phone. I finally was able to get a different brand phone and I made sure everyone that wanted to get this phone knew about all the problems I had with the Motorola i710. The penny phone that they have from time to time is better than this.

Manchester, NH


An oldie but a goodie - motorola v710 cell phone


With all the new cell phones and technology available today - it is nice to have a phone that offers more than just calling, yet can be operated by those of us who are technically challenged. I have 2 motorola v710 cells phones, one purchased approx 3 years ago, and one purchased used this week. What a wonderful cell phone this is. No, it does not get internet, but not all of us want that. With the camera, bluetooth, and voice dialing, it is a great phone to have. I am extremely impressed with the durability and timelessness of this phone. Because of it's age, batteries, chargers, etc are cheap. My battery is 3 years old and still getting it!

Newton, NC


Sturdy well-designed early Bluetooth phone


I have owned this phone for 3 years, and it still works well. It's scratched up plenty, having popped off my belt and out of its holster numerous times, but works just fine. Very sturdy, stands up to that abuse. Better design than newer phones, in both hardware and software, for voice phone calls...newer phones seem so focused on text messaging and multimedia gadgetry that they've lost sight of the primary purpose for a phone, making and receiving phone calls. Although the V710 has plenty of gadgetry that I've never used (since Verizon makes it all such a pain to use without paying them more money), it is also an excellent actual telephone. Recommended, if you can still find one.

Ann Arbor, MI


Motorola - cells Cell Phone

3.3 4