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Motorola RAZR Cell Phone

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That is nice for who don't needs to uses enternet


I had one of this phone it was so great to making calls and texting but i think now we have a phone more new because we needs become more and more I think before ten years ago that is great selection but now it needs to update



A new phone, but it is a bit old


Phone very well have used it in the past have enjoyed using it is very gorgeous shape as it's small and very cool Amadhrh and its battery is very good as the edges really wonderful and a good mother stripes Pellnsabh beam it well and I was not fantastic and wonderful industry Light and weighs a little bit One of the main features that I saw in this phone: * Color * wonderful * good weight and support nerve and Bluetooth * and for his support for Radio





I really love this mobile so much



This phone was a waste of money.


I bought this phone and had to pay full price for it ,because I wasn't due for an upgrade on my contract. At first I felt that it was a good investment,but I was soon proven wrong. The keypad locked up on me not even 2 weeks later,I never dropped it or damaged it in any kind of way -so I called the company. They were very polite and told me they'll send me another one..well after 1 week that phone did the exact same thing. I was very disappointed in this phone,and I will never invest my money in to that kind again.

Covington, LA


A good phone, not so great for internet.


This phone is great. Battery life is pretty good, about two days average and I talk an hour a day. THe con is that the internet features are pretty bad, but I got this phone right after my work bought me a smartphone so I use that for internet and this just for personal calls. It is a great phone if you are just looking for a phone. The camera is pretty good, but I don't use it much. I haven't used the music player yet. I have the Cingular version, the V3xx, which si the same as the i ony locked to Cingular.

Hollywood, FL


still working after 100 falls


I got this phone for my husband and he loved it.  Just kep it in a case if you working off grounds. He was able to easily slide it in his pants pocket and shirt pocket. They came in avariety of colors which is great. I dropped my phone many time and still works in excellent condition. Even after my 5 yr old son it still works fine. This is a great phone. The only down fall is when I want to search for a phone number I have to scroll through almost 100 numbers just to find the one I need and if I accidently click on the wrong number I have to scroll again. This phone doesn't have it where you can easily find a number without going through all that. Other than that I love it espcially its durability.

Wilkes Barre, PA


Razor phones are stylish but are not very reliable!


Razor phones are great when youre on the go, but you have to be careful where you go with these phones and make sure youre careful of what you do when you get there! a lot of these phones drop a lot of calls and have a lot of mal functions but if youre lucky enough to get a good razor they can be a lot of fun and have really great features!

jackson, TN


Motorola - RAZR V3i Cell Phone is a nice basic phone


 Motorola - RAZR V3i Cell Phone is a nice basic phone.  I never experience any job call with this.  It is -Thin and sleek, it has Good reception, Good sound quality, Voice Dialing.  The Pro is that it does ot have Good battery charge.  The Voice Dialing does not work all the time. I bought this unlock but it works  100%  on the t-mobile to go plan. Very sturdy construction. The speakerphone very clear and overall still a piece of bling. The one thing that is so bad as almost all other motorola phone is that the volume buttons on the side makes it very easy to turn off or turn down the volume.  But other than that the Razr V3i is a phone that has withstood the test of time.  I dropped it many times, and one time even had water damage on it, but after drying it for a few days, to my surprise, it was working again, and the sound it gives is as clear as ever.  The only other complain is its lack of games.

Daly City, CA


decent, but breaks easily


i have had a few of the motorola phones and they tend to be very very user friendly. They however tend to break easily. i think there is a problem with the circut board being too fragile in the case. I tend to drop my things easily though, and if you are one of those people who drop things easily, i would suggest a tougher looking phone or a motorola with a more sturdy looking case surrounding it. My mom and a few of my friends have this phone and they love it. Another thing that is difficult with this phone is that it might get wet easily. My friend knocked a little bit of water on to the their phone and it stated going crazy, buttons started to become unresponsive, and the phone would not turn out. after a quick dry, however, it was back to normal.

Chicago, IL


Motorola V3I as in ITUNES Flip Phone


I personally own a red Motorola V3i model flip phone. I loved this phone at first, then slowly as the days passed, the phone showed it's true colors so to speak! The battery life for one is absolutely horrible, it doesn't stay charged at all! I have had nothing but trouble even when I bought a new battery, that one didn't last either. If you decide to use the cool feature of the "i" which stands for itunes in the phone, you will for sure have no battery life, don't expect to use the phone and listen to music at the same time or on the same charge! The camera is so so on this phone too. Pictures come out grainy and gray! Definitely not to be used for photos that mean something to you! The software that does come with the phone is excellent, letting the user use it for making their own ringtones from songs, storing photos and editing them, and storing backgrounds to use on your phone! The flip part of the phone is good, there is also a little window that shows you who is calling so you dont have to answer if you dont want to! I used to be a Motorola fan, but now, I am not! Recently tried another phone of theirs and battery life is pathetic as well. Do admit, the dark red color my phone came in is nice and not too common out there, but as for the phone overall, I give it a 2 1/2-3 stars if that~!

Las Vegas, NV


Motorola RAZR Cell Phone

3.7 64